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Links: It’s been a while…

I haven’t done a link post in a while, so it’s time to catch up on the latest news, reviews, and interviews.

Cute meets super-cute when Little Archie crosses over with DC’s all-ages superhero team the Tiny Titans.

At Publishers Weekly, Sally Lodge chats with Dav Pilkey, creator of Captain Underpants, about The Adventures of Ook and Gluk: Kung-Fu Cavemen from the Future, the graphic novel he’s spinning off from that series.

Paul Morton of the literary magazine The Millions talks to Gene Luen Yang about the many different influences that helped shape his books American Born Chinese, The Eternal Smile, and Prime Baby.

Christopher Butcher posts his notes from the Comics in the Classroom panel he moderated at San Diego Comic-Con this past weekend, and Deb Aoki has all the details on Viz’s announcements for their Viz Kids line. At Comics Worth Reading, Johanna Draper Carlson summarizes Archie Comics’ announcements.

Matt Dembicki discusses Trickster, the anthology of Native American trickster tales that he compiled and edited, at Teaching Graphic Novels.

At the website Tonic, John R. Platt lists five graphic novels that kids and their parents can enjoy.

Ted Naifeh's art from The Good Neighbors 3

Ted Naifeh shows off some of the art for the final volume of The Good Neighbors.

J.L. Bell muses a bit on the morality of Crogan’s Vengeance at Oz and Ends.

Bryant Paul Johnson, the creator of the mock-history webcomic Teaching Baby Paranoia, has a nice comics-101 essay that explains, with straightforward examples, what the components of a comic are and how they work together.


Johanna Draper Carlson on two Amelia Rules! books, The Tweenage Guide to Not Being Unpopular and True Things (Adults Don’t Want Kids to Know)
Ed Sizemore on several Avatar: The Last Airbender manga (Comics Worth Reading)
Cindy Dobrez and Lynn Rutan on Benny and Penny in The Toy Breaker (Bookends)
Johanna Draper Carlson on Brain Camp (Comics Worth Reading)
Lissa Pattillo on Brain Camp (Kuriousity)
Steven Surman on vol. 1 of Brody’s Ghost (Broken Frontier)
Johanna Draper Carlson on City of Spies (Comics Worth Reading)
Jonathan Hickman on Fantastic Four, vol. 1 (Guys Lit Wire)
Greg McElhatton on Foiled (Read About Comics)
Dave Ferraro on Ghostopolis (Comics-and-More)
Brian Heater on Ghostopolis (The Daily Cross Hatch)
Greg McElhatton on Ghostopolis (Read About Comics)
Tangognat on vols. 1-3 of Johnny Boo (Tangognat)
Kevin Hodgson on Meanwhile (The Graphic Classroom)
Joe Hennes on The Muppet Show Comic Book #8 (Tough Pigs)
Connie on vol. 1 of Pokemon Adventures (Slightly Biased Manga)
Greg McElhatton on <a href="">Prime Baby (Read About Comics)
Michael Buntag on Prince of Persia (Nonsensical Words)
A. Fortis on Prince of Persia, Solomon’s Thieves, and How I Made It to Eighteen (Finding Wonderland)
Greg McElhatton on Rabbi Harvey vs. The Wisdom Kid (Read About Comics)
Dave Ferraro on The Smurfs (vol. 2) #1: Smurfnapper (Comics-and-More)
Kevin Hodgson on Super Powered Word Study (The Graphic Classroom)
Nicola on Toy Story: The Return of Buzz Lightyear (Back to Books)
Johanna Draper Carlson on Book 1 of Troublemaker (Comics Worth Reading)
A Library Girl on Twilight: The Graphic Novel, vol. 1 (A Library Girl’s Familiar Diversions)
Johanna Draper Carlson on vol. 2 of Twin Spica (Comics Worth Reading)

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