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All ages comics and manga for 8/25/10

The summer doldrums continue as the all ages list falls into a familiar pattern of weekly releases. Archie, Boom! Studios and DC have all their regulars of Archie, Sonic, Disney, Muppets and Superheroes coming out. Marvel is taking its sweet time getting its kid’s line back up and running with just Spider-Man. And the second volume of Chi’s Sweet Home is out from Vertical! More kitten-y goodness! In the picks it’s a new superhero and some old detectives, but all good reads!

The List:

Betty & Veronica #249, $2.99
Jugheads Double Digest #163, $3.99
Sonic The Hedgehog #216, $2.99

Bart Simpson Comics #55, $2.99

Cars Volume 1 Rookie HC, $24.99
Disneys Hero Squad Ultraheroes #8 (Cover A Magic Eye Studios), $2.99
Disneys Hero Squad Ultraheroes #8 (Cover B Scott Gross), $2.99
Muppet Show Comic Book #9 (Cover A Roger Langridge), $2.99
Muppet Show Comic Book #9 (Cover B Roger Langridge), $2.99
Muppet Snow White #4 (Cover A David Peterson), $2.99
Muppet Snow White #4 (Cover B Amy Mebberson), $2.99
Toy Story Mysterious Stranger HC, $24.99
Wizards Of Mickey #8 (Cover A Marco Palazzi), $2.99
Wizards Of Mickey #8 (Cover B Magic Eye Studios), $2.99

Batman The Brave And The Bold #20, $2.99
Billy Batson And The Magic Of SHAZAM #19, $2.99

Ani-Max (One Shot), $4.99 ^^AA Pick^^

Spider-Man #5 (Marvel Adventures), $2.99

Hardy Boys Volume 20 Deadly Strategy GN, $8.99 ^^AA Pick^^

Chis Sweet Home Volume 2 GN, $13.95

The Picks:

Ani-Max (One Shot) – With shades of Ben-10 and the older book series Ani-morphs, this one shot lets readers see the origins of this new all ages hero. Lost on vacation in the dense jungle of the Amazon, 12-year old Max Duncan is chosen by the Earth spirits to become a defender of the planet. With the mystical artifact, the Animus Stone, Max is able to absorb the abilities of any animal he touches and transform himself into a human-animal hybrid for 7 minutes. With his friends Chris and Jenny, the three young heroes find a way for Max to use his abilities to protect the planet and all its creatures. Kids will find a lot to enjoy in this title, with sometimes gross, weird and bizarre transformations, and the ability to become like any animal on the planet. An animated series is also in the works, but this is an opportunity to be in on it from the start.

Hardy Boys volume 20 Deadly Strategy – It’s cameos galore for this 20th volume of the Hardy Boys. A.T.A.C. agents start getting strange and bizarre cases, so it’s up to Joe and Frank to find the computer hacker responsible. Anyone smart enough to break into A.T.A.C. security certain has the skills to make things difficult for the Hardy Boys. The list of suspects is long and includes almost everyone the boys have ever met, including Lindsay Rider, the Sisters Noir, and Dennis Hogan! Even the bothers will be surprised by their adversary’s true identity. Updating the Hardy Boys to the 21st Century has been a great success for Papercutz, considering they’ve reached this 20th volume. And getting so many characters back it a great way to celebrate. This volume looks like it’ll be a wild ride for kids and fans of the young sleuths!

Images © Dynamite Entertainment and Papercutz respectively.

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