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Watch this space: The Manga Movable Feast is here!

Yotsuba volume 1Starting next Monday, August 29th, we will be hosting a special installment of the Manga Movable Feast zeroing in on kids manga.

What is the Manga Movable Feast?  For one week, a wide assortment of reviewers, bloggers, and commentators agree to discuss one manga title.  The brain child of the first host, David Welsh over at the Manga Curmudgeon, the Manga Movable Feast is a dedicated forum for reviews, commentary, features, and opinions.  Discussion expands through cross-posting and comments as the week continues.  The common title is the only limit — authors can post about whatever catches  their attention, from an official review to a discussion of one aspect of the title.  Dedicated readers might remember we participated in the previous Emma Manga Movable Feast.

This time around, the collective group agreed it was time to highlight manga for kids: thus, the Manga Movable Feast: Kids’ Table was born.  Our one title: Yotsuba&! by Kiyohiko Azuma (Yen Press).  However, given that part of the purpose of the Feast is to highlight lesser known titles, we’ve set the extra challenge of featuring both Yotsuba&! plus one more kid-friendly manga of the writer’s choice.  This feast will run from August 29th through September 5th.  Please join us!

We here at Good Comics for Kids will host the archive post: we’ll keep track of who’s written what over the course of the week and make sure to update as new pieces are published.  We’ll be the one-stop shop for all posts, and you should check back daily to see what’s new.  On that note, please email me at robin (at) to let me know when you’ve posted your contribution!  I want to make sure to catch everyone’s thoughts.  If you want in on the Manga Movable Feast community (and decision making process), join us over at the Google Group.

To check out past Feasts in chronological order, check out these links (keeping in mind past Feasts feature adult and teen titles):

We’re working hard on a number of related posts for next week, so check back Monday for our launch!

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Robin Brenner is Teen Librarian at the Brookline Public Library in Massachusetts. When not tackling programs and reading advice at work, she writes features and reviews for publications including VOYA, Early Word, Library Journal, and Knowledge Quest. She has served on various awards committees, from the Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards to the Boston Globe Horn Book Awards. She is the editor-in-chief of the graphic novel review website No Flying No Tights.

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