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Updated 9/572010, 9:32am

Robin Brenner About Robin Brenner

Robin Brenner is Teen Librarian at the Brookline Public Library in Massachusetts. When not tackling programs and reading advice at work, she writes features and reviews for publications including VOYA, Early Word, Library Journal, and Knowledge Quest. She has served on various awards committees, from the Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards to the Boston Globe Horn Book Awards. She is the editor-in-chief of the graphic novel review website No Flying No Tights.


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  2. […] Hello everyone, this is my entry for the Manga Moveable Feast this month. You can view more reviews and essays on Yotsuba&! and other kid-appropriate manga over at Good Comics For […]

  3. […] It’s time for a feast — or, more accurately, a Manga Movable Feast. The theme of this month’s MMF is Yotsuba and…, a play on the title of Kiyohiko Azuma’s beloved series. Participants are encouraged to post reviews of and commentary about Yotsuba&! and other kid-friendly manga. Host Robin Brenner is updating the MMF archive on a daily basis with links to new contributions. [Good Comics for Kids] […]

  4. […] month, the Manga Moveable Feast is focusing on kids manga. As a play on words, the theme is to discuss Yotsuba & one other […]

  5. […] people who make manga and comics for kids 16 and under. The introduction article is here, and the archive is here. Interestingly, a lot of the reviews and articles are about how Yotsuba&! isn’t really a […]

  6. […] found out that Yotsuba&! was this month’s selection for the Manga Movable Feast a little late in the game, I scrambled to re-read it to celebrate alongside everyone else who was […]

  7. […] the young-uns: I think the best thing I can do for you is to point you to the Yotsuba&! Manga Moveable Feast review archive. This MMF spotlights Yotsuba&!, but also points out various other excellent kid […]

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