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The Reading Pile: What we are reading this week (August 9)

Solomon's Thieves

Once again, the Good Comics for Kids crew reveals what we are carrying in our briefcases and beachbags this week! Kate Dacey: Up first for me is The Ellis Island Experience, a hybrid history primer/comic that IDW Publishing was distributing at the ALA’s annual convention back in June. It’s a neat idea: the creators juxtapose […]

All ages comics and manga for 8/4/10

Uncle Scrooge

Preparing to go back to school doesn’t mean you have to skip on the graphic reading. Boom! Studios, a consistent publisher of all ages titles, introduces a new ongoing series featuring Tow Mater from Cars. Tokyopop continues its Animal Academy title which still seems to please, and Archie Comics has several digests to temp you […]

Review: Max Axiom, Super Scientist

Max Axiom1

A few months ago, Snow and I discovered that we were each planning to review different titles in the Max Axiom Series. After some back and forth, we realized that we should probably team up and review the series together. Especially, since we’d both be bringing different perspectives to the review. Snow’s background is in public libraries and my background is in school libraries. While a library is a library, our mission does slightly differ.

Max axiom is a scientist who acquired some interesting super powers from a freak accident. He now uses those powers to help explain scientific ideas to a young audience. By shrinking down to size Max gives readers a view of science like students may have never seen before.

Review: Walt Disney’s Donald Duck and Friends: Double Duck, Vols. 1 & 2

When the world’s most secret agency needs an important dossier recovered, there’s only one duck for the job: Donald Duck, AKA Double Duck, the most secret spy of all. Donald Duck’s such a secret spy, even he never knew he was one! Can he relearn his training, save the day, and keep Daisy from finding out […]

Review: Chicagoland Detective Agency, No. 1: The Drained Brains Caper


Megan is the new girl in town, a manga-reading, goth-dressing, haiku-writing vegetarian. Raf is the son of a pet food store owner who only wants to be left alone to finish the computer program he is writing. When the two of them meet, it isn’t friendship at first sight, but soon they’re caught up in […]

What we’re reading this week (August 3)

Eva's team of experts

We’re running a bit late this week, due to an unfortunately timed dentist appointment, but better late than never! Here’s what the Good Comics for Kids gang has been reading this week: Esther Keller: Compared to last week, I haven’t really read many comics. I did get an ARC of Hereville from Abrams. It’s about […]