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All ages comics and manga for 9/9/10

As we start to move into fall, publishers are moving out more great titles for kids. APE Entertainment is a newcomer to the kids comics list, with three debut titles to cover just about every interest; heroes and giant robots, animals and branded. Hopefully they’ll get plenty of support. DC Comics starts a new mini-series with a tie-in to video game franchise Ratchet and Clank, as well as rebooting all-time favorite Scooby Doo. Udon Entertainment has several titles, including their tie-ins to Megaman, and if you’re waiting for the Big Adventures of Majoko, just hold on a little longer. Amazon will have it.

The List:

Mecha-nation #1 (of 3)(Cover B Greg Guler), $3.95
Scratch 9 #1 (of 4), $3.95 ^^AA Pick^^
Shrek #1 (of 4), $3.95

Archie & Friends #147, $2.99
Archie Digest #267, $2.69
Life With Archie Married Life #2, $3.99
Sonic Universe #20, $2.99

Incredibles #13, $2.99
Toy Story #6 (Cover A Tanya Roberts), $2.99
Toy Story #6 (Cover B Michael Cavallaro), $2.99
Uncle Scrooge #395, $2.99

Looney Tunes #190, $2.99
Ratchet And Clank #1 (of 6), $3.99
Scooby Doo Where Are You #1, $2.99


Last Unicorn #3 (of 6)(Frank Stockton Regular Cover), $3.99
Last Unicorn #3 (of 6)(Renae De Liz Regular Cover), $3.99

Super Hero Squad Squad Up Digest TP, $9.99

Nancy Drew Volume 21 High School Musical Mystery II The Lost Verse GN, $8.99

Alison Dare Heart Of The Maiden TP, $10.95
Alison Dare Little Miss Adventures TP, $10.95 ^^AA Pick^^

Big Adventures Of Majoko Volume 4 GN (of 5), $7.99
Mega Man Megamix Volume 2 GN (of 3), $12.95
Mega Man ZX Volume 2 GN (of 2), $12.95
Ninja Baseball Kyuma Volume 3 GN (of 3), $7.99

Dragon Ball Chapter Book Volume 10, $4.99
Legend Of Zelda Volume 10 Phantom Hourglass GN (of 10), $7.99
Naruto Chapter Book Volume 15 Last Chance, $4.99

The Picks:

Scratch 9 #1 – New All Ages title from small publisher Ape Entertainment. Scratch is an amazing cat. He has the ability to summon any of this nine lives to help him out of trouble. And he’s going to need them, as he must save his pet friends from the C.R.U.E.L. Corporation’s robot minions. First life on deck: sabretooth tiger. Animal superheroes are nothing new, but the twist with Scratch’s power certainly is! Giving Scratch the ability to use experiences from his past lives opens the series up to a lot of interesting possibilities. It also sets him apart from other leading cats. This series sounds like a lot of fun, and one both parents and kids will enjoy.

Alison Dare: Little Miss Adventures – Normal just isn’t her thing. The 12-year-old daughter of an archaeologist/adventurer and masked hero the Blue Scarab, Alison has a craving for danger, and it has ways of finding her. Whether it’s with her two friends Wendy and Dot sneaking out of St. Joan’s Academy for Girls, or just going on vacation to Egypt with her mother, Alison always manages to find a new adventure. Be it magic genies, angry mummies, or a baron bent on world domination, Alison Dare is ready to take them on! This title as well as Heart of the Maiden were originally published by Oni Press, and have been re-released by Tundra Books. If this release does well, there is a chance of the series coming back. Alison sounds like a fun character, and kids will love reading about her and her wacky adventures.

Images © Ape Entertainment and Tundra Books respectively.

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