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All ages comics and manga for 9/22/10

The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting colder as autumn arrives, and with it, comic publishers bring out titles appropriate for the season. Bongo Comics releases the 16th Treehouse of Horror, which is always good for a laugh and a scare. Ardden Entertainment completes its mini-series of Casper and the Spectrals, and Papercutz straddles both sides of the fence with a new Tales From the Crypt, and the not-so-scary, but highly anticipated Smurfs. And check out the picks for some unlikely team-ups.

The List:

Unlikely Trio Last Barn On The Left (One Shot), $3.95 ^^AA Pick^^

Archie Double Digest #212, $3.99
Jughead #203, $2.99
Sonic The Hedgehog #217, $2.99

Casper & The Spectrals #3 (of 3)(resolicited), $2.99

Bart Simpsons Treehouse Of Horror #16, $4.99

Darkwing Duck #4 (The Duck Knight Returns)(Cover A James Silvani), $3.99
Darkwing Duck #4 (The Duck Knight Returns)(Cover B Sabrina Alberghetti), $3.99
Finding Nemo #3 (Losing Dory Part 3), $2.99
Mickey Mouse & Friends #300, $2.99
Muppet Show Comic Book #10, $2.99

Billy Batson And The Magic Of SHAZAM #20, $2.99

Marvel Adventures Avengers Iron Man Digest TP, $9.99
Spider-Man #6 (Marvel Adventures), $2.99

Smurfs Volume 1 The Purple Smurf GN, $5.99
Smurfs Volume 2 The Magic Flute GN, $5.99
Tales From The Crypt Volume 9 Wickeder GN, $6.99

Gabby & Gator GN, $16.99 ^^AA Pick^^

The Picks:

Unlikely Trio Last Barn On The Left – Alterna Comics does something to help out pets all over the country. It’s said a monster lives in the last barn on the left of the small town where Lil’ Bit the mouse, Mrs. Butters the cat and Abby the Collie dog all live. These three unlikely friends join together to investigate and see what is lurking in the shadows of the barn. This title is printed in black and white so kids can color it, and features fun activies at the back. Animal stories are always winners with kids and animal lovers alike, and this title is no different. In addition to being entertaining, if you order this title direct from, $2.00 will be donated to the ASPCA Foundation. So you can get a good story AND do something good at the same time!

Gabby & Gator GN – This is the second title from Yen Press’new line of children’s books. Gator never seemed to fit in with the other neighborhood pets, probably because of his tendency to eat them. Gabby never seemed to fit in with the other kids, as she’d rather recycle bottles and play her tuba than gossip with the other girls. When Gabby and Gator meet, they prove that even the most unlike of people can be friends, and that the best friends are the ones who accept as you are, teeth and all. This hardbound book makes it a good addition to any library, and subject matter of friends and finding oneself can appeal to kids ages 6-10. You can also read a review of this title by Kate Dacey here.

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