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Review: Volume Two in Four Series


Recently I got in volume two (and three, in one case) of several series. Since volume one of each of them had been reviewed positively here at Good Comics for Kids, I thought I’d take a look at the subsequent volumes to see if the series stayed strong. One Fine Day, vol. 2 Sirial Publisher […]

Review: The Popularity Papers


Fifth-graders Lydia Goldblatt and Julie Graham-Chang have always been close but never been cool. With junior high less than a year away, the two decide to study the popular kids’ behavior, clothing, and speech, recording their observations in a notebook. As Lydia and Julie begin applying their research to themselves, however, their once rock-solid friendship […]

The Reading Pile – September 15


We’re checking in a little late this week—hey, it’s the first week of school, and a lot of us are busy sharpening pencils and writing our names in our new notebooks. But here’s a quick peek inside our bookbags, and we invite you to tell us what you are reading as well. Eva Volin: I […]

Interview: Send Alex Simmons to Senegal!


Alex Simmons is a comic book writer, educator, and the founder of Kids Comic Con, which has brought kids and creators together for four years now in several different locations, and the Color of Comics exhibition, which focuses on comics by creators of color. He also is a regular writer for Archie comics, where his […]

All ages comics and manga for 9/9/10


As we start to move into fall, publishers are moving out more great titles for kids. APE Entertainment is a newcomer to the kids comics list, with three debut titles to cover just about every interest; heroes and giant robots, animals and branded. Hopefully they’ll get plenty of support. DC Comics starts a new mini-series […]

Good manga for kids, September 2010


Kids love ghost stories, but a lot of manga featuring supernatural beings and vengeful spirits are too violent, gory, or sexually explicit for young readers. This month’s column focuses on two spooky titles that are better suited to middle school students than, say, The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service or The Ring. Up first is The […]

The Reading Pile: Back to school edition


Summer’s over, but that doesn’t mean we have to be too serious just yet. Here’s what your Good Comics for Kids bloggers were reading over the long Labor Day weekend. As always, we invite you to let us know what you are reading in the comments section. Brigid Alverson: OK, I’ll start off this week: […]

Manga Moveable Feast: Discussion: Graphic Novel Reporter’s Core Manga for Kids List


Snow: One of the biggest issues librarians face is how to determine what titles are for what age ranges. There are many factors that go into decisions about age appropriateness, such as content, intended audience, theme, appeal factors, etc. The staff at Good Comics for Kids feels that the Manga Moveable Feast week—which just wrapped […]

Manga Movable Feast: Yotsuba&! and the Question of Appeal

Yotsuba volume 1

During this week’s Manga Movable Feast, everyone’s been talking about the fact that in Japan, Yotsuba&! is published in a magazine intended for adult men.  For many reviewers, the fact that they know that the title is intended for an adult audience has led them to ask why Yotsuba&! is being considered as an appealing […]

Manga Movable Feast: Reviewing Kids Manga Roundtable


As we are hosting the Manga Movable Feast this month taking a look at kids manga, we all thought this was a great time to share the joys and difficulties of reviewing manga for kids.  A lot of questions come up when reviewing for kids, especially as all of us are a significant number of […]