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Links: Mouse Guard, Anne Frank, and Dark Swan

David Petersen talks about Mouse Guard at Comic Book Resources:

“The short elevator pitch is ‘mice with swords,'” said Petersen, “living in a culture where all the predators of the world are trying to get them. They are food.”

Jeff Smith has a brief chat with the Washington (DC) City Paper; he was in town for the National Book Festival.

Chris Wilson, editor of The Graphic Classroom blog and a teacher in real life, takes time out for an educational pep talk about comics:

In that same week, a student of the Hall of Heroes comic book club stated that he read three comics the night prior. Big deal, right? Fourth grade kids are supposed to read every night. Well, the fact is, many of the students in my school do not read any night. The same is true with this student. This time he checked out six individual comic book issues and took them home. For the first time … ever read that very night. Never before has this child been excited about or even done his reading let alone filled out his reading log. This time, he actually reported to a teacher that he read. I sent him directly to his classroom teacher to tell her. He did and they have since filled out a reading log.

It may seem an insignificant thing to those who read regularly, but for this child, and many more like him, we have crossed a precipice and made an impact. For the first time in this child’s life he read because he wanted to and he was so excited that he just had to tell someone.

USA Today’s Carol Memmott takes a brief look at Anne Frank: The Anne Frank House Authorized Graphic Biography.

At The Beat, Heidi MacDonald has a quick look at Sea Lion Books, which will be launching a new line of YA graphic novels soon, including an adaptation of Paolo Coelho’s The Alchemist and a series based on Richelle Mead’s Dark Swan novels.


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