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All ages comics and manga for 10/06/10

It’s the beginning of October! We don’t need to be seeing anything with the “C” word in the title of any book, but Archie Comics taunts us anyway with volume 6 of Archie and Friends. Ape Entertainment brings out two more licensed titles, including Pocket God, which is based on an iphone game. Viz is up to volume 9 of it re-release of Pokemon Adventures. I still wish they would bring out Magical Pokemon Journey, which is geared toward girls. Boys aren’t the only ones who like Pokemon you know! And for some spooky fun, check out the reboot of Scooby Doo from DC Comics.

The List:

Penguins Of Madagascar #1 (Of 4), $3.95
Pocket God #1, $3.95
Scratch 9 #2 (Of 4), $3.95

Archie & Friends Volume 6 Archies Christmas Stocking TP, $9.95
Betty & Veronica Digest #208, $2.69
Jugheads Double Digest #164, $3.99
Life With Archie Married Life #3, $3.99

Toy Story #7 (Cover A Diego Jourdan), $2.99
Toy Story #7 (Cover B Diego Jourdan), $2.99

Fish N Chips Volume 1 TP, $12.95 ^^AA Pick^^

Cartoon Network Action Pack #52, $2.99
Scooby Doo Where Are You #2, $2.99

Thor And The Warriors Four Digest TP, $9.99 ^^AA Pick^^

Pokemon Adventures Volume 9 TP (2nd Edition), $7.99

The Picks:

Thor and the Warriors FourThor And The Warriors Four Digest TP – The Power Pack’s tour of the Marvel Universe continues with the kids meeting the Norse God of Thunder, Thor. The Power Pack are desperately searching for Thor, the only person who can save their grandmother. To do so, they have to get to ASgard, and that means joining forces with Frog Thor and the Pet Avengers. This journey of mystery which starts with a book of myths and ends with the destruction of the world will leave the Power Pack changed forever! The Power Pack stories have been very popular with readers, and with Thor getting a lot of attention due to his movie coming out next year, this is a good chance for new readers to learn about him. And it has the Pet Avengers, always a plus in any book.

Fish N Chips Volume 1 TP – From the pages of the Flight anthologies comes this solo project from Steve Hamaker, colorist of Jeff Smith’s Bone. Solomon City is under attack by vampyres, and the only people willing to stand in their way are Jaxer “Fish” Fann, a telekentic goldfish with a robotic body and Clave “Chips” Dyer, a lightning-charged feline. This trade collects the limited series which also features a pin-up gallery with new works by James Kochalka and Kazu Kibuishi, just to name a few. Fans of Flight will already be familiar with “Fish” and “Chips”, but with this being the origin story, new fans can jump in and enjoy as well as the old ones.

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