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New York, New York!

The Good Comics for Kids gang turned out in force for New York Comic Con this year: Robin Brenner, Kate Dacey, Esther Keller, Scott Robins, and I were all there, covering the show and holding our own panel about building a children’s graphic novel collection on Sunday morning for a small but enthusiastic crowd.

Rob Worley with the latest issue of Scratch 9

Kids’ comics were huge this year, with book publishers, indy comics publishers, and traditional kids’ comics publishers all pushing new and old titles. I wrote an overview of the children’s comics scene for Publishers Weekly Comics Week, and here are some more links, pix, and news bites from the con.

Archie Comics had a lot of announcements, and their booth was bustling the whole time.

Benjamin Bailey of Comic Book resources covers the Disney panel, which largely focused on their Tron and Mickey Mouse properties—but they also announced a Pirates of the Caribbean graphic novel anthology. Benjamin also covered the Hasbro/IDW panel, which covered IDW’s licensed comics such as Transformers, G.I. Joe, and Dungeons and Dragons.

Amanda McDonald liveblogged the Boom Kids! panel for Newsarama.

The Ape Entertainment booth was bustling, as Rob Worley was signing copies of his comic Scratch 9, the second issue of which had just come out. Ape also announced that it will be reviving Richie Rich and Strawberry Shortcake for new comics series (separately, not together).

Faith Erin Hicks (Brain Camp) has a good con report at her livejournal.

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