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Links: Smurfs, the Pharaoh, and Arabic manga

Jason Thompson looks at Gold Ring (Siwari Al-Dhahab), a manga whose writer hails from the United Arab Emirates writer and whose artist is Japanese.

Chris Eliopoulos, creator of the webcomic Misery Loves Sherman, posts about the obstacles to connecting kid-friendly comics with potential readers—most parents don’t ever go to a comics store, and bookstores often don’t carry them.

At Sunday Comics Debt, Daniel BT has a few criticisms of the new editions of the Smurf graphic novels.

Here’s a cool kid-friendly webcomic to check out: Rocket Robinson and the Pharaoh’s Fortune, by Sean O’Neill. (Found via ComixTALK.)

Reviews: At Back to Books, Nicola looks at three Stone Arch books that have been nominated for Cybils awards.

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