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All ages comics and manga for 11/10/10

Everything old is new again on the list this week. Archie is making the rounds, with Dark Horse releasing a collection of his first books, while Archie Comics has the second volume of his exploits in the 80’s coming out. Or if you want something a little more contemporary, DC Comics has the next issue of Tiny Titans Little Archie. And speaking of DC, they wasted no time in bring back Batman: The Brave and the Bold. The final issue came out late last month, and now, the All New Batman: The Brave and the Bold is out this week! And check out the picks for some superhero action and space adventure.

The List:

Archie & Friends #149, $2.99
Archie Americana Series Volume 11 Best Of 80s Book 2 TP, $11.95
Betty & Veronica Friends Double Digest #209, $3.99
Jugheads Double Digest #165, $3.99
Sonic Universe #22, $2.99

Comic Book Guy The Comic Book #5 (Of 5), $2.99

Darkwing Duck Volume 1 The Duck Knight Returns TP, $14.99
Muppet Sherlock Holmes #3 (Of 4), $2.99
Toy Story Tales From The Toy Chest #2, $2.99
Uncle Scrooge #397, $2.99

Call Of The Wild GN (Campfire Graphic Novels), $9.99
Christmas Carol GN (Campfire Graphic Novels), $9.99

Archie Firsts Volume 1 HC, $24.99


All New Batman The Brave And The Bold #1, $2.99
Tiny Titans Little Archie #2 (Of 3), $2.99


Avengers Earths Mightiest Heroes #1 (Of 4), $3.99 ^^AA Pick^^
Super Hero Squad #11, $2.99
Super Heroes #8 (Marvel Adventures), $2.99

Twin Spica Volume 4 GN, $10.95 ^^AA Pick^^

The Picks:

Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes #1 – A mini-series based on a cartoon that’s worth picking up! The world’s evilest villains have escaped, and its up to the Earth’s mightiest heroes to stop them. This first issue features Captain America and Thor facing a threat bigger than both of them, and the exploits of Hawkeye. I recommend this comic because I think it’s the best series for fans of the recent Marvel movies who are interested in the reading some of the comics. The portrayal of Iron Man in this series is the same as the movies, and I’m sure the others who have movies coming up, Thor and Captain America won’t be too far off. It’s familiar, and it takes it’s background from the cartoon, which incorporates a lot of elements from the comics, but presents them in a way that’s easy to get into. Kids on the borderline about getting into Marvel comics should check this out.

Twin Spica volume 4 – I can’t believe I haven’t recommended this title yet! Twin Spica is the tale of Asumi, a girl whose dream is to become an astronaut. Now in her second term at the Tokyo Space School, Asumi has struggled through hardships, but has developed both her skills and character by working through them. She is determined to succeed, and will not accept failure as an option. But when protestors demonstrate against Japan’s space program because of the crash of the Lion, Japan’s first manned space shutter 10 years before, she is torn between the memories of her past and her dreams for a future in space. Twin Spica is a series that will appeal to tweens whether or not they are interested in space or sci-fi. The story and characters are so well written, that they draw you in and leave you wanting more. No middle school library or Tween collection should be without this title.

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