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Stop what you’re doing and check out this preview of Takio, a new graphic novel by Brian Bendis and Michael Oeming, two creators who are well known in the world of adult superhero comics. Due out in March from Marvel Comics’ Icon imprint, Takio is a stand-alone graphic novel about two sisters who must hammer out their differences after they both develop superpowers.

Joe Hennes of the Muppet fansite ToughPigs is talking to the creators of Archaia’s Fraggle Rock anthology comics; so far he has posted interviews with Chris Lie and Cory Godbey and Jake Forbes and Mark Simmons. While you’re there, check out this generous preview of Fraggle Rock vol. 2 #2, which is due out in comics shops tomorrow.

The big news in the comics world last week is that DC and Archie Comics are ending their membership in the Comics Code of America. They were apparently the last two publishers to subscribe, so the CCA is now officially defunct. Created in the 1950s to hold off torch-wielding civic groups who were ready to ban comics because of then-rampant sex and violence, the CCA imposed “standards” that were absurd in their specificity and their prohibition of anything negative or unusual. While the standards loosened up over the years, the shift of comics from newsstands to specialty shops made the code less and less essential. Many publishers have their own set of age ratings for their books; however, they lack uniformity and are thus an imperfect guide. DC Comics will begin carrying ratings on its covers in April; Jim Lee explains the ratings at the DC blog and J. Caleb Mozzocco has some comments and examples at his blog. At Comics Alliance, Chris Sims posts his own set of mock ratings. Sean Kleefeld wonders how many people are now out of work since the CCA is defunct. Multiversity Comics has a short course in the history of the CCA; for a more in-depth treatment, check out David Hajdu’s excellent book The Ten-Cent Plague.

At Booking Mama, Julie takes a look at Capstone’s new line of DC Super Pets easy readers.

Mark your calendars: Kids Comic Con is coming to the Bronx on April 16.


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