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The Reading Pile – February 28


It’s a short stack today, for the last day of a short month, but feel free to add your own recent reading in comments. Kate Dacey: I just started reading a three-volume biography of Joan of Arc, published by the late, lamented ComicsOne. Actually, calling Joan a biography is a little misleading: it’s really the […]

Preview: Darkwing Duck annual


Darkwing Duck is back, in a special 40-page stand-alone annual. Here’s what the publisher has to say: It’s an oversized extra issue of DARKWING DUCK, in this first ever annual event! Who doesn’t love a clown? Those happy smiles, those bloodshot eyes…those exploding toys? You guessed it, it’s the return of Quackerjack! And this time, […]

All ages comics and manga for 2/23/11


As February comes to an end, it’s the graphic novels and trades that really shine this week. Boom! Studios releases the collected Muppet Sherlock Holmes. If you’ve been waiting to read the great detective as you’ve never seen him before, now’s your chance. Campfire keeps with the theme of the month with a new graphic […]

Quick Links: Kaboom, Hereville, and Jughead

Boom! Studios continues its rollout of teasers for its new Kaboom! line, which is the successor to Boom! Kids, with news of Snarked, a new comic by Roger Langridge (the writer and artist of the Muppet Show comics) and Space Warped, a Star Wars parody. Dan Parent, the Archie Comics writer and artist who created […]

Review: Panda Man Graphic Novel Hybrids


VIZ Media’s VIZKids line recently released two new graphic novel hybrid (part comic book/part novel) series aimed at kids ages six and up, both of which should appeal to readers who like silly adventure stories such as Dav Pilkey’s Captain Underpants (Scholastic). My colleague Kate looked at book one of both series—Taro and the Magic […]

Links: Ted Naifeh, Ben Hatke, and coming attractions

Martha Cornog rounds up some promising graphic novels due out in June at Library Journal. At Blog@Newsarama, Ted Naifeh discusses his newest book, Courtney Tales 2, which continues the backstory of Courtney Crumrin’s Uncle Aloysius. John Hogan talks to Ben Hatke, the creator of Zita the Spacegirl, at Graphic Novel Reporter. J.L. Bell looks at […]

From Pixar to Peanuts, Boom! to Kaboom


There are big changes afoot at Boom! Studios, which publishes several lines of kid-friendly graphic novels based on licensed characters. Last week, the news came out that they had lost the license for comics based on the Pixar movies Cars, Toy Story, Finding Nemo, and The Incredibles, which they had been publishing for several years. […]

The Reading Pile – February 21


Greetings! After a two-week hiatus, our Reading Pile feature is back, collecting quick first impressions of books we have been reading lately. Feel free to join in with your own recent reading in the comments section. Mike Pawuk: I’ve been reading some older comic book collections, most notably the New Mutants comics from Marvel Comics […]

Preview: Classic Disney from Boom! Studios


Boom! Studios may have lost the Pixar books to Marvel, but their other Disney lines are still going strong, and in their “standard characters” line (Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Uncle Scrooge), they are bringing back classic comics from the 1930s on by Carl Barks, Don Rosa, and other well known creators. Their latest comic, in […]

All ages comics and manga for 2/16/11

Sonic Universe 25

Things slow down a little this week, and we hit the middle of the month doldrums. Bongo Comics has a new Simpsons comic that both kids and their parents can enjoy. Boom! Studios has the next trade paperback of the Incredibles, so you can get your superhero action on in one chuck. DC Comics keeps […]