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All ages comics and manga for 2/16/11

Things slow down a little this week, and we hit the middle of the month doldrums. Bongo Comics has a new Simpsons comic that both kids and their parents can enjoy. Boom! Studios has the next trade paperback of the Incredibles, so you can get your superhero action on in one chuck. DC Comics keeps the Tiny Titans going while Marvel collects more Iron Man comics in their latest Iron Man Magazine. And in the pick, it’s the all video game tie-in edition.

The List:

Archie & Friends #152, $2.99
Archie New Look Series Volume 5 Goodbye Forever TP, $10.95
Betty & Veronica Double Digest #188, $3.99
Sonic Universe #25, $2.99 ^^AA Pick^^

Simpsons Comics #175, $2.99

Darkwing Duck #9 (Cover A James Silvani), $3.99
Darkwing Duck #9 (Cover B Sabrina Alberghetti), $3.99
Donald Duck #363 (Cover A Don Rosa), $3.99
Donald Duck #363 (Cover B Carl Barks), $3.99
Incredibles Volume 5 Truth And Consequences TP, $9.99
Mickey Mouse #305, $3.99

Ratchet And Clank #6 (Of 6), $2.99 ^^AA Pick^^
Tiny Titans #37, $2.99

Iron Man Magazine #6, $6.99

The Picks:

Sonic Universe #25 – This spin-off the Sonic the Hedgehog comics celebrates its first milestone with a special edition and a new saga. With its “silver anniversary” this issue features Silver, the time traveling hedgehog! A strange new threat has arrived in Silver’s time. While he is battling against this mysterious force, the ultimate evil makes a dramatic return. The Sonic the Hedgehog comics continue to be a hit with kids, much more than the games. With great characters and all the action and drama tweens enjoy, this is another series that to get on the shelves.

Ratchet & Clank #6 – Ratchet and Clank’s first foray into comics comes to an end with this issue. Artemis Zogg’s warship has been destroyed, but the work of a hero is never done. They must still undo all of Zogg’s havoc and restore the stolen planets to their rightful galaxies. The daring duo will need to once again team up with President Qwark to put everything right. Ratchet and Clank are fun characters, and with a story that fits into the video game canon, fans of the series will find it hard not to get it.

Images © Archie Comics and DC Comics respectively.

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