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Shaun Tan nabs Lindgren Award


Shaun Tan’s mantelpiece must be getting crowded: In addition to the Oscar he picked up last month for the film version of The Lost Thing, he has now won this year’s Astrid Lindgren Award. Created to memorialize the author of Pippi Longstocking, the award goes each year to a creator or creators whose body of […]

Review: Library Wars: Love & War, vol. 1-4


In the future, the Japanese government passes strict laws regulating the content of books. These laws allow them to collect any books deemed unsuitable. In response, librarians form their own military groups to fight back and protect citizens’ right to read. Iku Kasahara is the first woman to join the Library Defense Force, something she’s […]

Links: Courtney Crumrin returns

Good news for Ted Naifeh fans: not only will Oni Press publish a new installment of Courtney Crumrin Tales in May, Oni also has a second volume of Polly and the Pirates in the works. Naifeh dishes the dirt on both series with Sequential Tart’s Wolfen Moondaughter, and offers readers a tantalizing glimpse of a […]

The Reading Pile – March 28


Zombies, a robot dinosaur, cowboys, an amoeba—the Good Comics for Kids bloggers have been reading a varied stack of comics and graphic novels this week. Feel free to play along by telling us what’s on your reading stack in the comments! Kate Dacey: I’m not big on zombies, so when The Walking Dead first garnered […]

Preview: Yo Gabba Gabba Comic Book Time

YGG HC  (1)

Oni Press has just published Yo Gabba Gabba Comic Book Time, a big, colorful anthology of children’s comics based on the popular television show. The book includes contributions from a number of well known artists and writers, including Corey Barba (YAM), J. Torres (Alison Dare, Lola: A Ghost Story, Jinx), J. Bone (Alison Dare), and […]

All ages comics and manga for 3/23/11

Donald Duck Feathers of Fury

As the month winds down, so does the list of books this week. The Big Two are notably absent, leaving room for the smaller pubs. Ape Entertainment is one issue away from completing their Shrek mini series. Papercutz has a new volume of their Hardy Boys reboot, and Bongo Comics keeps the laughs coming with […]

Review: Two More Adventures with the Squat Bears


After their adventures with Goldilocks, the not-so-bright giant-slaying prince, the Seven Squat Bears are ready to get to work on building their own house. But winter is the least of their problems as Puss in Boots, hunger, a magic bean, and a host of princes and princess show up to cause problems for the bears. […]

Links: The hedgehog and the lunch lady

To celebrate the twentieth anniversary of Sonic the Hedgehog, Archie Comics will be publishing a special four-issue story arc this summer, beginning with issue 226. According to writer Ian Flynn, Sonic: Genesis will be a reboot of sorts, allowing new readers to jump into the series while indulging older fans’ nostalgia for the original SEGA […]

Kodansha to publish new edition of Sailor Moon


Everything old is new again — at least when it comes to shojo manga, that is! On March 4th, VIZ Media announced that it would be re-issuing X (also known as X/1999), an epic, eighteen-volume series by CLAMP that’s been out of print for years. Not to be outdone, Dark Horse followed VIZ’s announcement with […]

All ages comics and manga for 3/16/11


It’s been a week since the devastating earthquake hit Japan. The news has been a real rollercoaster of a ride to follow. While there’s no manga on the list, all our thoughts and good wishes go out to the people of Japan. To help lighten the mood, Ape Entertainment releases its first trade of their […]