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All ages comics and manga for 3/30/11

The fifth Wednesday of the month is usually sparse of titles, and this week is no exception. Sonic the Hedgehog starts a new storyline as they title countdown to #225 and the beginning of Sonic’s 20th anniversary. If Sonic’s too old school for you, then check out DC Comic’s Cartoon Network Action Pack featuring Ben 10 in this issue.

The List:

Pocket God #4, $3.95

Archie #619, $2.99
Archie Americana Series Volume 12 Best Of The 90s Book 2 TP, $11.95
Archie Double Digest #217, $3.99
Sonic The Hedgehog #223, $2.99

Kid K-OS Volume 1 Agents Of Doom GN, $22.95 ^^AA Pick^^

Kidnapped GN (Campfire Graphic Novels), $9.99
King Solomon’s Mines GN (Campfire Graphic Novels), $9.99 ^^AA Pick^^
Wonderful Wizard Of Oz GN (Campfire Graphic Novels), $9.99

Cartoon Network Action Pack #58, $2.99

The Picks:

Kid K-os Volume 1 Agents of Doom – New publisher Art House 7 releases a premium adventure for all ages. Buster Jones is no ordinary 11-year-old boy. A secret boy genius who graduated from university at age 7, he is recruited by a special branch of the military, HIVE (The Headquarters Investigating Visiting Evil), where his talents are put to use. Creatures from beyond our galaxy lurk undetected in the shadows, and it’s up to Buster, code name Kid K-OS, to stop them. This title has all the making of a story kids will love; aliens, secret government agencies, a hero their age, and a giant robot.  With the promise of plenty of action and adventure, parents can enjoy this title as well. Middle school libraries should give this title a look. A preview is also available online.

King Solomon’s Mines – Campfire has another thrilling classic, this time into the heart of Africa. Sir Henry Curtis, with his friend Captain Good got to South Africa to find Henry’s brother George who disappeared many years before. They meet elephant hunter Allan Quartermain who met George many years earlier and learned that George was searching for the diamond mines of King Solomon. The three adventurers take up the quest, encountering ancient tribes, terrifying kings and evil witches as they travel through unexplored Africa. Action, adventure, mystery, and the dream of finding a lost treasure, all ingredients to feed a kid’s imagination. Middle school libraries and teen collections will want to consider this title.

Images © Art House 7 and Campfire respectively.

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