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All ages comics and manga for 4/20/11

As the end of the month draws near (already?!?!), the list starts to dwindle to the regulars. Archie Comics releases the trade Man From Riverdale, collecting all the stories in one convenient place. Boom! Studios has a new trade of original Darkwing Duck comics as well. It’s sad to hear that they may be loosing more of the Disney licenses. They really did some good work on the titles and became a real force for good comics for kids. Can Disney/Marvel really do as well? We’ll just have to wait and see.

The List:

Archie & Friends #154, $2.99
Man From Riverdale TP, $9.95
Sonic Universe #27, $2.99
World Of Archie Double Digest #6, $3.99

Simpsons Comics #177, $2.99

Darkwing Duck #11 (Cover A James Silvani), $3.99
Darkwing Duck #11 (Cover B Amy Mebberson), $3.99
Darkwing Duck Volume 2 Crisis On Infinite Darkwings TP, $14.99
Mickey Mouse #307, $3.99

Tiny Titans #39, $2.99 ^^AA Pick^^


Marvel Adventures Spider-Man Sensational Digest TP, $9.99 ^^AA Pick^^

The Picks:

Tiny Titans #39 – A laundry mishap makes for some happy Tiny Titans! Superman’s cape somehow gets mixed in with the Tiny Titans costumes, turning them all pink! Superman, Alfred, Lois Lane, and a gaggle of Tiny Titans will have something new and oh-so-pretty in common. Spring is definitely in the air! Tiny Titans remains one of the best titles for young readers, and the only monthly comic to reach this audience. Filled with fun stories, cute art and activities, this is a good title to keep kids entertained over the coming summer and beyond.

Marvel Adventures Spider-Man Sensational Digest – The Marvel Adventures Spider-Man reboot continues with this third compilation. 16-year-old Peter Parker is Spider-Man, and has to go up against the super villainy of the Vulture, the Scorpion and the Lizard, three classic Spirder-Man villains. But there are also some not-so-super villains as Spider-Man gets into an all-out battle on the streets of New York with the Torino crime family. And Wolverine pops in somewhere. Spider-Man is a perennial favorite and this Marvel Adventures reboot is a great way to introduce kids to America’s favorite web-slinger.

Images © DC Comics and Marvel Comics respectively.

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