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Links: Billy Batson and the magic of Pokemon

ICv2 lists the Top 300 Graphic Novels for March 2011, and kids’ comics make a respectable showing. Among the titles making the cut are Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, Pokemon Adventures, Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam, and Yo Gabba Gabba: Comic Book Time. Kodansha Comics has just re-launched its website with information about its spring/summer line-up. […]

The Reading Pile – April 18


Welcome to another edition of The Reading Pile, in which your dedicated Good Comics for Kids bloggers reveal the contents of our bookbags and night tables. We have quite a mix for you this week. As always, feel free to add your own recent reading in the comments section. Mike Pawuk: This week I went […]

Tokypop closing publishing division


They helped create the manga format that brought teenage girls into the graphic novel fold. They published Sailor Moon, the first commercially successful shoujo manga in the U.S., as well as Fruits Basket, Beck, Love Hina, and, more recently, Hetalia: Axis Powers. At one time they were the second largest manga publisher in the U.S. […]

All ages comics and manga for 4/13/11

Kung Fu Panda 2

Whether it’s the English country side, or outer space, the fun and adventure just keeps coming! Archaia closes out another Fraggle Rock mini-series, with issue #3 of volume 2. Boom! Studios sends Mickey Mouse to a space hotel where danger awaits, and Campfire has another classic tale for kids to discover, Wind in the Willows. […]

Links: Kill Shakespeare!

The Sequential Tarts hold a lively round table discussion on Kill Shakespeare (IDW Comics), a staff favorite here at Good Comics for Kids. Curious about the series? Creators Anthony Del Col and Conor McCreery have posted a brief but attractive preview of issue #10 at the official Kill Shakespeare website. Over at The Graphic Classroom, […]

Review: Genkaku Picasso


Hikari only has one friend–Chiaki. Otherwise his classmates only stop ignoring him long enough to give him the nickname Picasso–because he draws constantly–before going back to forgetting about him. But when Hikari and Chiaki are in a horrific accident, Chiaki’s dying wish is for Hikari to live. And he does, but that life comes with […]

Review: DC Super Pets


Last year, Capstone Publishing launched a new line of chapter books starring DC Comics’ most famous superheroes. It was a great idea in principle — a sure-fire way to interest reluctant readers in longer, more complex narratives — but the execution was uninspired, with flat, lifeless artwork and bland stories. I’m pleased to report that […]

Interview: Alexis Fajardo

On Sunday, April 3rd, while attending WonderCon, I ran around to as many of my favorite kids comics creators as I could and asked them all the exact same questions.  Keep in mind, conventions are crazy loud and crazy busy, so there is a lot of background noise.  Let me know in the comments if […]

Viz announces new kids’ manga

The original Mr. Messy

Viz, the largest manga publisher in the U.S., has a small but growing line of children’s manga, under the VIZ Kids imprint; while they are best known for their Pokemon books, they also publish non-licensed titles such as Panda Man to the Rescue and Taro and the Magic Pencil, as well as the Panda Man […]

Roundtable: Ibuki’s pants


Things have been quiet around here… too quiet. It’s time for another argument. (Warning: Scantily clad young lady under the cut!) I thought Street Fighter Legends: Ibuki was a nice, girl-centered action comic that was neither too angsty nor too preachy. I liked the fact that although it’s a ninja story, everyone respects Ibuki’s right […]