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All ages comics and manga for 7/13/11

It’s sci-fi and fantasy on the list this week. Boom! Studios continues its parody of Star Wars with the second issue of Space Warped. DC Comics has Batman in space, helping out Hawkman in the new issue of All-new Batman: The Brave and the Bold. Papercutz has another Disney Fairies volume, and Marvel Comics features Captain America in the latest Super Heroes, with the first avenger teaming up with Spider-Man. For more Sci-fi and fantasy, check out the picks!

The List:

Archie Double Digest #220, $3.99
Jughead #208, $2.99

Space Warped #2 (Of 6), $3.99

War Of The Worlds GN (Campfire Graphic Novels), $9.99 ^^AA List^^

All-New Batman The Brave And The Bold #9, $2.99

Gladstone’s School For World Conquerors #3, $2.99

Super Heroes #16 (Marvel Adventures), $2.99

Disney Fairies Volume 6 A Present For Tinker Bell GN, $7.99

Pokemon Black And White Volume 1 GN (not verified by Diamond), $4.99 ^^AA List^^
Pokemon Black And White Volume 2 GN (not verified by Diamond), $4.99

The Picks:

War of the Worlds – Campfire releases a sci-fi classic from one of its Fathers. At the dawn of the twentieth century, Earth makes contact with an alien race as capsules fired from the surface of Mars crash into the southern English countryside. But it seems the Martians haven’t come in peace. Using their annihilative weapons, they seem intent on invading the Earth. Trying to make his way home, one man struggles to survive and find his family. With drama, action, and aliens disintegrating people, there something for any kid to enjoy. And with so many adaptations that take liberties with the story, reading the original will be surprise and delight to kids.

Pokemon Black and White Volume 1-2 – The newest Pokemon gets its own adaptation. Meet Pokemon Trainer Black. He has dreamed of winning the Pokemon League his entire life, and now he has embarked on a journey to explore the Unove region and fill his Pokedex for Professor Juniper. And Introducing White, a Pokemon Trainer who runs a talent agency for performing pokemon, and runs into Black. Then the mysterious Team Plasma arrives to urge everyone to release their pokemon into the wild! Like the video game, each volume starts out featuring one of the two characters players can play, as well as the different pokemon players can start out with. Fans of the game will love reading the story anytime, and parents will love to see their kids unplugged. The lower price for the books will please parents as well.

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Lori Henderson is a mother of two teenage daughters and an avid reader. She blogs about manga at her personal blog Manga Xanadu as well as contributing and editing for Manga Village. She blogs about all things fandom (mainly Doctor Who) at her other personal blog Fangirl Xanadu. She's been at it so for over 5 years now and counting!


  1. Ryan Foley says:

    Thank you very much for your kind review of WAR OF THE WORLDS. It is always a comfort to know you are doing things right…

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