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All ages comics and manga for 7/20/11

San Diego Comic Con is here! Keep an eye on this blog for news as it happens! For those of us who can’t make the big comic party, we’ll just have to satisfy ourselves with what’s coming to our local comic book store. Archie Comics releases a trade of Archies Weird Mysteries, filled with stories to satisfy any fan of monsters and strange phenomena. Dark Horse has a new Clone Wars trade for kids, and Udon Entertainment finishes their kids manga Big Adventures of Majoko. Space fans will want to pick up the next volume of Twin Spica, Vertical’s fantastic story of kids training to be astronauts.

The List:


Fraggle Rock Volume 2 HC, $19.95

Archie & Friends Double Digest #7, $3.99
Archies Weird Mysteries TP, $9.95
Sonic Universe #30, $2.99

Sergio Aragones Funnies #1, $3.50 ^^AA Pick^^
Simpsons Comics #180, $2.99

Darkwing Duck #14 (Cover A James Silvani), $3.99
Walt Disney Treasury Donald Duck Volume 2 TP, $14.99

Space Race GN (Campfire Graphic Novels), $9.99 ^^AA Pick^^

Star Wars The Clone Wars Volume 6 The Starcrusher Trap TP, $7.99

Tiny Titans #42, $2.99

Adventures Of Tintin Cigars Of The Pharaoh GN (Young Readers Edition), $8.99

Big Adventures Of Majoko Volume 5 GN (Of 5), $7.99

Twin Spica Volume 8 GN, $10.95

The Picks:

Sergio Aragones Funnies #1 – Bongo Comics debuts a new monthly series that parents and kids will love. Sergio Aragones is a world-famous and honored cartoonist, probably best known for his work in MAD Magazine and his own comic, Groo the Wanderer. Now, Bongo Comics is giving his own monthly comic that will include an assortment of autobiographical anecdotes, perplexing puzzles, slap-happy short stories as well as the pantomime gags Serigo is so well-known for. Kids will enjoy Sergio’s silliness, and adults will love the nostalgia of seeing a work from their childhood return and can share with their kids. This title is a win-win for any library or home.

Space Race GN – Campfire takes readers on a thrilling historical journey that carried man into space. Join Chet Riley and his grandfather as they follow the story of the Space Race, starting with gunpowder in ancient China, to inventions in Russia and the United States of America, and involved some of the most brilliant and inventive minds the world has ever seen. Travel around the world as questions about the Space Race are answered through beautiful artwork and a gripping story. With the ending of the shuttle program at NASA, this is a good time to remind kids and adults why we started, all the exciting discoveries that were made getting there, and most importantly, why we shouldn’t stop.

Images © Bongo Comics and Campfire respectively.

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