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Review: Defiance: Resistance, Book Two


Paul and his sister Marie are still fighting the Germans, but their objectives are not as clear as when they helped sneak their Jewish friend Henri out of occupied France. Now it’s hard to know who to trust. The Resistance folk are split between those who trust the exiled French General Charles de Gaulle and […]

Interview: Carla Jablonski


It was sometime last year that Resistance by Carla Jablonski landed in my mailbox. To be honest, I fell into the old cliché… don’t judge a book by its cover. I just didn’t want to read it. For whatever reason, this didn’t appeal. I’m so glad I got over myself, because I would have missed a fabulous story. Then to my delight, I found out that Resistance wasn’t a one volume story. It was slated to be a trilogy. Part 2, Defiance, was released in July.

Links: Level Up, Air Bender!


Coming soon from Dark Horse: an all-new Avatar: The Last Airbender comic written by Gene Luen Yang, author of American-Born Chinese and Level Up! Yang seems bullish about the project. “The pencils I’ve seen have been pure comics bliss,” he reports. “I giggled when I first saw them. Out loud. No joke. I sounded exactly […]

Preview: Archie Freshman Year, Book Two


The first Archie Freshman Year book was a big hit, both in print and digitally—at one point, the first issue was the most downloaded comic on iTunes—so it’s not surprising that the Archie Comics folks have come up with a follow-up. In the first book, Jughead and his family left Riverdale for Montana (a possible […]

Hurricane Preparedness


What a week for mother nature! First an earthquake that was felt all the way to New York City, prompting the evacuation of City Hall and many other buildings throughout the city. Now Hurricane Irene is baring down on the East Coast. A hurricane, which forecasters say, will match the characteristics of both hurricane Gloria (1985) and Floyd (1999).

All ages comics and manga for 8/24/11

Knuckles 1

This week sports a fairly small list with some big adventures! Boom Studios debuts a new superhero, Wordgirl, in a new trade, while Marvel continues its Disney-Pixar comics featuring the Incredibles this time. Top Shelf has two new titles debuting this week. Okie Dokie Donuts and Pirate Penguin vs Ninja Chicken are both titles that […]

Review: Luz Sees the Light


Luz (pronounced “loose”) doesn’t think too much about the environment until her city starts having blackouts and her mom doesn’t want to drive because gas is so expensive. Now Luz can’t get to the mall to buy the shoes she really wants. But Luz isn’t going to sit idly by; she’s got a plan to […]

Review: Anya’s Ghost

Sometimes, when you pick up a book, you aren’t sure what to expect. Is it supposed to be funny, serious, or spooky? Sure, it’s been well reviewed, but what’s it all about and is it really that good? When I finally picked up Anya’s ghost I was surprised to find a mixture of all three and yes, it really is that good.

Links: Archie goes to Bollywood


Did you know that Riverdale’s favorite teen is big in India? CNN takes a closer look at a new Archie story line that transplants the gang from their home turf to Mumbai, where their friend Raj Patel is recruited to direct a movie. Though reporter Jhilmil Motihar is critical of the project, likening it to […]

Preview: WordGirl: Coalition of Malice


Our preview is a bit late this week, but it’s worth the wait: We have the first ten pages of the WordGirl graphic novel, based on the Emmy-winning TV show of the same name. WordGirl dominated Kids’ Day of NYCC a few years ago, and now she has her own comic, WordGirl: Coalition of Malice, […]