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All ages comics and manga for 9/28/11

DC Super Pets

It’s the last week of the month, and it’s still a decent list! What some scary fun? Check out Ardden Entertainment’s release of Casper And The Spectrals, all-in-one, and at a price Mom will love! Marvel has a new Muppets Presents, featuring some of the scariest beings of all: relatives! And Viz releases the manga […]

Review: Animal Land, Vol. 1


Plot-wise, Animal Land bears an uncanny resemblance to the Book of Exodus: a young girl finds a baby floating on a river, rescues him, and raises him as her son. The twist is that Monoko isn’t human; she’s a tanuki, or Japanese raccoon dog, and must learn how to care for a creature that’s much […]

Review: Lily Renée, Escape Artist


Lily Renée Wilheim had a happy childhood, but her teen years were marred by war. When she was 14, the Nazis invaded her native Austria, and Lily Renée and other Jews were persecuted and selected for concentration camp internment and death. Her parents were able to get her onto one of the last Kindertransports out […]

Question Tuesday: Challenges to Graphic Novels

As this is Banned Books Week, here at Question Tuesday I thought I’d put together some basic thoughts on what to do if a graphic novel is challenged in your library. This is not from a specific question from a librarian, but more a general response from years of being consulted about challenges to comics […]

Roundtable: Americus


Each year the American Library Association sets one week aside to celebrate the freedom to read which has become known as Banned Books Week. Librarians are often at the forefront of censorship battles. But they are not the only ones affected. Most often it is children and ordinary citizens that suffer when their freedom to read is compromised. This year, just in time for Banned Books Week, First Second Publishers released a graphic novel that grapples with these topics. Originally serialized at Americus is now a published graphic novel .

All ages comics and manga for 9/21/11

Treehouse of Horror 17

Just like the days, this week’s list is getting shorter. Even though Halloween is still a month away, publishers are starting to get their Christmas titles out. Archie releases the Archie Christmas Classics and Papercutz is looking to have a Monster Christmas with their new title. Not part of the New 52 at DC is […]

Roundtable: Graphic Classics


At the tail end of the Great Depression, Russian-born publisher Albert Lewis Kanter had an inspired idea: he would take famous works of literature — Moby Dick, The Iliad, The Three Musketeers — and make them more accessible to readers by adapting them into comic books. The first issue of Classics Illustrated (then called “Classic […]

Review: Americus


Neal Barton hates most everything, except Apathea Ravenchilde, the imaginary heroine of a mega-popular fantasy book series. But when Neal’s best friend Danny gets caught by his mother reading the Apathea Ravenchilde series, she ships him off to boarding school and begins a campaign to remove the “evil” books from the Americus Public Library. Now […]

Question Tuesday: Graphic Novel Book Clubs

It’s Tuesday, so it’s time for questions! The Good Comics for Kids Question Tuesday column is here to do one thing: answer your questions! Borrowing the idea from novelist John Green (you can check out his famously entertaining video blog with his brother Hank, vlogbrothers, including his Question Tuesday videos, here), we aim to answer all your burning questions […]

Links: Fall into comics

Graphic Novel Reporter has just published its list of Great Graphic Novels for Fall 2011. As always, the list is divided into sections for kids, tweens, and teens, making it easy to find age-appropriate titles for your favorite young readers. In licensing news, Archaia will be publishing Marjane Satrapi’s latest book, The Sigh, in November. […]