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All ages comics and manga for 8/31/11

It’s a bit of a mixed bag this week, with no superheroes but a few properties and plenty of original titles for kids to love. Dark Horse has a new Star Wars Adventures, featuring everybody’s favorite Wookie, Chewbacca. Kids Can Press has a new volume of Binky, while Viper Comics brings back a childhood favorite, Inspector Gadget. And Scholastic re-releases the classic Invention of Hugo Cabret.

The List:

Archie High School Chronicles Volume 2 TP, $9.95
Betty & Veronica Friends Double Digest #217, $3.99
Jugheads Double Digest #173, $3.99
Sonic The Hedgehog #228, $2.99
Veronica #208 (Veronica Presents Kevin Keller issue 2)(Dan Parent Regular Cover), $2.99
Veronica #208 (Veronica Presents Kevin Keller issue 2)(Dan Parent Variant Cover Edition), $2.99

Star Wars Adventures Chewbacca And The Slavers Of The Shadowlands TP, $7.99

Big City Otto GN, $7.95
Binky Volume 3 Binky Under Pressure GN, $8.95
Three Thieves Volume 2 The Sign Of The Black Rock GN, $8.95 ^^AA Pick^^

Invention Of Hugo Cabret GN (New Printing), $24.99

Inspector Gadget Volume 1 Gadget On The Orient Express GN, $5.95
Johnny Test Volume 1 Once And Future Johnny GN, $5.95 ^^AA Pick^^

The Picks:

Three Thieves Volume 2: The Sign of the Black Rock – Dessa, Topper and Fisk are back in the second title of the Three Thieves series. The trio stops at a roadside inn to escape a ferocious thunderstorm. But the selfish and scheming innkeeper Grig recognizes them and tries to capture them for the reward the Queen is offering. Complicating matters further is the arrival of the Queen’s Dragons, who are hot on the fugitives’ trail and immediately suspicious of the smarmy Grig. Kids and adults will enjoy the intricate plotline and the superb illustrations. Definitely check it out for your home or school library.

Johnny Test Volume 1: Once and Future Johnny – The slacker kid from Cartoon Network’s popular show now has his own comics series. Grades and homework have never been important to Johnny, but when someone starts doing it for him, and his grades go up, that attitude might change. That is, until he learns the future depends on him bring a slacker. It’s up to Johnny to find out who is doing the homework and stop them! Johnny’s slacker ways always cause trouble, but he comes through in the end. Kids will laugh at Johnny’s antics and enjoy his hair-brained schemes. It’ll make for good light reading.

Images © Kids Can Press and Viper Comics respectively.

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