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All ages comics and manga for 12/28/11

Ralp Filmore

2011 ends with a bit of bang with plenty of good titles to read-in the new year. Return to the world of The Dark Crystal as Archaia releases a collection of prequel stories that delve deeper into this fantasy world. Kodansha releases the next volumes of their titles for pre-teen readers, and ending with the […]

Review: Elephants Never Forget, Vol. 1: Big City Otto


Crackers, a parrot, just wants to help his friend Otto the elephant find out what happened to Otto’s chimpanzee pal Georgie. But Crackers’ suggestions for how to find Georgie result in a flight from the jungle all the way to New York City and then a mad dash through the city looking for Georgie and […]

Links: Graphic novels are good for kids (and grown-ups, too)

Earlier this month, TV Ontario posed the provocative question, “Are graphic novels good enough for the classroom?” Answering the question in the affirmative were Larry Swartz, author of Learning to Read with Graphic Power, and Jeff Smith, creator of Bone. Last week, Jeff Kinney filed suit against Antarctic Press for trademark violations. Antarctic recently launched […]

Review: Babymouse #15: A Very Babymouse Christmas

Babymouse 15

It’s Christmas and all Babymouse wants is her two front…no, wait…A Whizz-Bang! She’s positive it’ll be the best present ever. After all it “plays video games and movies, it texts, sees into the future, folds laundry, and does homework!” Now if only it can help her survive Secret Santa time at school. Babymouse #15: A […]

All ages comics and manga for 12/21/11

Ben10-Generator Rex

With Christmas less than a week away, publishers don’t seem to think the comic shop is a good last minute stop. But comics do fit well into Christmas stockings, just in case you need a good stuffer. Archie Comics releases a new issue of Betty and Veronica, which has Veronica matching her business sense against […]

Year End Review: Stats, stats everywhere!


It’s that time of year again when I take a good, hard look at my circulation figures and decide what’s been popular, what’s holding steady, what needs a bit of hand-selling, and what might just need to be jettisoned from the collection. I am thus sharing a few conclusions and wishes gleaned from my stats.  […]

Links: The best of everything

The School Library Journal’s Best of 2011 issue includes a number of graphic novels, from non-fiction titles such as Feynman to coming-of-age stories such as Anya’s Ghost. Johanna Draper Carlson offers her Best Manga of 2011 list. Over at MTV Geek, Brigid Alverson takes a fond look back at manga that finished their print run […]

Preview: Salt Water Taffy: Caldera’s Revenge, part 2


Vol. 5 of Matt Loux’s Salt Water Taffy wraps up the Caldera’s Revenge saga: Jack is taken prisoner aboard the ghost ship Nutmeg, and it’s up to Benny and Angus to rescue him. With the help of an old friend, Benny unravels the mystery of The Hidden History of Chowder Bay, but will he get […]

All ages comics and manga for 12/14/11


It’s less than two weeks until Christmas, and the list is mostly monthlies. Archaia continues its team-up with the Jim Hensen Compnay and releases a nice hardback featuring The Storyteller with stories from names that have done right by the Hensen properties. Vertical releases the second (and last) volume of Osamu Tezuka’s Princess Knight, making […]

Interview: Art Baltazar and Franco Aureliani

On July 22nd through 24th, while attending San Diego International Comic-Con, I ran around to as many of my favorite kids comics creators as I could and asked them all the exact same questions. Keep in mind, exhibit halls are crazy loud and crazy busy, so there is a lot of background noise. Let me […]