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All ages comics and manga for 11/30/11

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday behind us, publishers are making sure there are still good reasons to come back to the comic shop! Lerner Publishing releases the next volume of the Elsewhere Chronicles while Little Brown has the new Adventures of Tintin. Marvel has a double hit with a new Disney Pixar Presents magazine featuring The Incredibles as well as the next issue of Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz.

The List:

Mouse Guard Black Axe #3 (Of 6), $3.50
Rust Volume 1 HC, $24.95 ^^AA list^^

Archie #627 (Dan Parent Regular Cover)(Archie Meets KISS Part 1), $2.99
Betty #195, $2.99
Betty & Veronica Double Digest #196, $3.99
Best Of Sabrina The Teenage Witch, $9.95
Sonic The Hedgehog #231, $2.99

Cartoon Network Action Pack #65, $2.99

Elsewhere Chronicles Volume 5 The Parting GN, $6.95

Adventures Of Tintin Tintin In America GN (Young Readers Edition), $8.99

Disney Pixar Presents Incredibles City Of Incredibles, $5.99
Dorothy And The Wizard In Oz #3 (Of 8), $3.99

Pokemon Zoroark Master Of Illusions GN, $7.99 ^^AA Pick^^

The Picks:

Rust Volume 1 – Get ready for some high-octane adventure with Archaia’s new all ages series! Life on the Taylor family farm is no walk in the park, as oldest son Roman tries to keep it afloat as the area heals from a devastating world war. Things aren’t made any easier when Jet Jones crashes into the barn, chased by a giant decommissioned war robot. While the rest of the family doesn’t trust the mysterious boy with a jet pack, Roman believes he may be the key to their survival. Archaia has a knack for tapping engaging stories that are entertaining for all ages, and this one appears no different. This title has also been optioned by Fox to be made into a movie. Get on the ground floor and check out this title now!

Pokemon Zoroark Master of Illusions – And the battle continues in this adaptation of the latest Pokemon movie. Ash and Pikachu travel to Crown City to watch the Pokemon Baccer World Cup competition. But when the rare and powerful Pokemon Zoroark attacks, it’s up to Ash and his friends to solve an old mystery in order to stop Zoroark and save the people of Crown City. This story is a bridge between the previous series, Diamond and Pearl, and the new Black and White. The adaptations are tight and entertaining, making this a must for any Pokemon collection.

Images © Archaia Entertainment and Viz Media respectively.

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