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Smile fans, rejoice: Raina Telgemeier just unveiled the cover for her next project, Drama, and it looks like a winner. Telgemeier didn’t provide many details about the book, but noted that it would be on sale in September. And speaking of Telgemeier, she’ll be the Cartoonist in Residence at the Charles M. Schulz Museum this February. Check out her blog for the full list of events.

DC Comics is digging into the vault to re-issue a classic Wonder Woman storyline from the 1970s: The Twelve Labors. The TPB will arrive in stores in July and retail for $14.95.

The polls are open! Cast your vote for the best new manga of 2011 at

Our own Brigid Alverson lists ten manga she’s looking forward to reading in 2012. Among her picks: Moto Hagio’s Heart of Thomas, Shigeru Mizuki’s Non Non Ba, and Touya Tobina’s Jiu Jiu.

Newsarama has a sneak peek at Archie #629, in which KISS comes to Riverdale, and the Archies do battle with zombie teens.

Tiny Titans is cute, no doubt about it, but as the series draws to a close, J.L. Bell notes that the girls often babysit the youngest Titans, while the boys almost never do.

Over at Graphic Novel Reporter, John Hogan interviews Larry Gonick, the artist/creator behind The Cartoon Guide to Calculus.

Drew McCabe sits down with Matt Whitlock and Shane Houghton to discuss BOOM! Studios’ new Peanuts comic.

Reviews: Over at Soliloquy in Blue, Michelle Smith tackles the latest installments of three popular shojo manga: Arisa, Codename: Sailor V, and Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. The ladies of Sequential Tart have just launched a new column, All-Access, which focuses on comics for kids. Their first title: volume one of Fluffy, Fluffy Cinnamoroll.

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