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All ages comics and manga for 1/25/12

The first month of 2012 wraps up with a fairly short list. Ape Entertainment finishes its first Strawberry Shortcake mini series. Arcana Studios releases a graphic novel that really puts meaning in the word graphic with My Best Friend’s a Booger. And Dark Horse continues its re-release of the CLAMP classic title Cardcaptor Sakura with the third omnibus.

The List:

Kung Fu Panda #4 (Of 6), $3.95
Little Green Men Small Package Big Fun TP, $6.95
Strawberry Shortcake Berry Fun #4 (Of 4), $3.99

My Best Friend’s A Booger GN, $6.95

Archie #629 (Archie Meets KISS Part 3)(Dan Parent Regular Cover), $2.99
Archie #629 (Archie Meets KISS Part 3)(Francesco Francavilla Variant Cover), $2.99
Betty And Veronica Friends Double Digest #221, $3.99

Avatar The Last Airbender Volume 1 The Promise Part 1 TP, $10.99 ^^AA Pick^^
Cardcaptor Sakura Dark Horse Omnibus Edition Volume 3 TP, $19.99

Polly And Pirates Volume 2 Mystery Of The Dragonfish TP, $11.99 ^^AA Pick^^

The Picks:

Polly And Pirates Volume 2 Mystery Of The DragonfishCourtney Crumrin creator Ted Naifeh returns with another adventure for his proper young lady swashbuckler! Polly Pringle escapes from her cozy boarding school to reunite with her pirate crew and rescue Emperor Norton from his unfair imprisonment. Along the way, they stumble onto a fiendish plot of a foreign power that not only endangers their lives, but also everyone in the Americas! Naifeh is skilled at crafting female leads that are strong and appealing to girls, as well as creating stories that both old and young readers can enjoy.

Avatar The Last Airbender Volume 1 The Promise Part 1 – The adventures of Aang and friends begins again in this new series from Dark Horse. This series picks up where the TV series left off, with Aang and his friends facing off against the Fire Nation that threatens to start another world war. It will take all of Aang’s powers and ingenuity to stop them! As well as continuing the original Airbender series, these digests will also connect to the upcoming sequel Legend of Korra. This is a must for fans of the series.

Images © Oni Press and Dark Horse Comics respectively.

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Lori Henderson is a mother of two teenage daughters and an avid reader. She blogs about manga at her personal blog Manga Xanadu as well as contributing and editing for Manga Village. She blogs about all things fandom (mainly Doctor Who) at her other personal blog Fangirl Xanadu. She's been at it so for over 5 years now and counting!


  1. I’d like to add our Less Than Historical comics to your list as well.

    THE LESS THAN HISTORICAL ADVENTURES OF LI’L LINCOLN – follows a 10-year-old Abe Lincoln and his best friend Fido, “a mutt of no discernible heritage” as they share adventures with famous characters from American Folklore.

    THE MAGNANIMOUS INVENTIONS OF BEN & MIKE – follows Ben Franklin and his friend, a gremlin named Mike. When Ben flies a kite during an electrical storm he is hit with lightning sparking the idea for a Magnanimous Invention – a Time Machine!

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