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All ages comics and manga for 02/01/12

It’s hard to believe January is already over! It’s going to be another year just flying by, I can already tell.  It’s a short list again this week. Ape Entertainment is back with some classic Richie Rich to complement the new series. Archie has the second issue of the Sonic Super Special Magazine for old and new fans, and Papercutz premieres another series with the first volume of Dance Class.

The List:

Richie Rich Gems Winter Special (One Shot), $3.99

Sonic Super Special Magazine #2, $9.99
Sonic The Hedgehog #233, $2.99
World Of Archie Double Digest #14, $3.99

Futurama Comics #59, $2.99
Sergio Aragones Funnies #7, $3.50
Simpsons Illustrated #1, $3.99

Ice Age Iced In (One Shot)(was ‘Ice Age A Mammoth Christmas’), $3.99 ^^AA Pick^^

Scooby-Doo Where Are You #18, $2.99

Pandemonium Volume 1 HC, $22.99
Pandemonium Volume 1 SC, $12.99 ^^AA Pick^^

Dance Class Volume 1 So You Think You Can Hip Hop HC, $9.99
Garfield And Co Volume 5 A Game Of Cat And Mouse HC, $7.99

The Picks:

Pandemonium Volume 1 SC – Careful what you wish for… Seifer Tombchewer is the envy of his peers. He’s fast, strong, and captain of the local skullball team. But Seifer dreams of leaving his tiny, remote village for a new life beyond the mountains—until the day it comes true! Seifer is abducted and taken to the royal palace. The Prince, Talon Pandemonium has gone missing, and Seifer is a dead ringer for him. So now it’s Seifer’s duty to replace the missing prince in his roles of diplomat, warrior and Lord Defender of the Realm. In over his head, he might be able to fool Talon’s sisters, or Talon’s army. But his enemies…? This new fantasy-adventure graphic novel from acclaimed author Chris Wooding takes a classic tale of doubles and mistaken identity and turns it into a fun adventure set in the original world of the Darkling Realm. Tween and middle school students will no doubt enjoy this series.

Ice Age Iced In – Boom Studios digs into another property with a series of one-shots for KaBoom! Manny the Wooly Mammoth, Sid the Sloth, Diego the Smilodon and Scrat the “Saber-toothed” squirrel reunite for an all new adventure. Scrat’s eternal quest for his acorn spells trouble for the boys as they are trapped together in an ice cave and must figure out how to survive. With a fourth movie scheduled for release later this year, this book is perfect for getting back into the paleolithic mood. The memorable characters and funny situations make this a great treat for kids. It would make a great addition to any elementary or young reader library. Check out the preview here at GCFK!

Images © Graphix and Boom! Studios

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