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Links: Kids’ comics for the win!

Retailer Brian Hibbs posts the complete 2011 Bookscan list and — surprise! — kid-friendly titles like The Adventures of Ook and Gluk, Bone, Dork Diaries, Pokemon: Black and White, and Dragonbreath are among the strongest graphic novel showings. In her analysis of the Bookscan numbers, Heidi MacDonald notes the bookstores, not comic book shops, are […]

Preview: Adventure Time #1


This week, BOOM! Studios debuted a new comic, Adventure Time, based on the Cartoon Network television series of the same name—but with all new stories. Written by Ryan North (Dinosaur Comics—N.B.: This is not a kids’ comic!) and illustrated by Shelli Paroline and Braden Lamb (Ice Age: Iced In), with a short extra story by […]

All ages comics and manga for 2/8/12

Adventure Time 1

There’s a good variety of comics and manga on the list this week. With Valentine’s Day next week, Ape Entertainment is ready with a new one shot for Richie Rich classic comics, the Valentine’s Special 2012. Archie Comics has given Kevin Keller his own ongoing series, and what’s the one thing he’s bad at? Dating! […]

Interview: Faith Erin Hicks on Friends With Boys

Friends With Boys, by Faith Erin Hicks

I’ve been a fan of Faith Erin Hicks‘s books since my stint on Great Graphic Novels for Teens when the committee championed her book War at Ellsmere. We loved the story of two friends at boarding school and shared our surprise at the supernatural twist at the end. (We had a lot of fun discussing […]

Review: Mystic: The Tenth Apprentice


Giselle and Genevieve have survived life in The Limpet Hall Orphanage for Girls by dreaming of something better than toiling in a laundry and by sneaking into their Mistress’ library to teach themselves the Noble Arts of magic, something most only believe can be learned by the aristocracy. When an ill-timed study session results in […]

Question Tuesday: Graphic Biographies too fictional?


I work in a public library system, and a staff member recently voiced concerns about fictionalized dialogue in graphic novel biographies. This person feels that the presence of that dialogue should exclude them from our biography collection, as all books contained in that collection are books of fact, not imagination. Have you encountered such concerns […]

Links: Kickstarting classroom comics

The folks at Reading With Pictures, a non-profit dedicated to promoting the intelligent use of comics in education, just launched a Kickstarter campaign for two new projects: The Graphic Textbook and Open Source Comics. In 2010, RWP used Kickstarter to fund the publication of Reading With Pictures Anthology (2010), a Harvey Award-nominated collection of educational […]

Preview: Polly and the Pirates: Mystery of the Dragonfish


Make yourself comfortable, because we have a special treat for you today: A 32-page preview of Polly and the Pirates: Mystery of the Dragonfish, written by Ted Naifeh and illustrated by Robbi Rodriguez. This is the second collection of the Polly and the Pirates comics, and it comes almost five years after the first, but […]

All ages comics and manga for 02/01/12


It’s hard to believe January is already over! It’s going to be another year just flying by, I can already tell.  It’s a short list again this week. Ape Entertainment is back with some classic Richie Rich to complement the new series. Archie has the second issue of the Sonic Super Special Magazine for old […]

Review: Wandering Son, vol. 2

Wandering Son 2

Shuichi, a young boy who is beginning to accept that he dreams of being a girl, and Yoshino, his friend who longs to change from a girl to a boy, are now in sixth grade. Their last year of elementary school seems likely to be as challenging—in both good and bad ways—as their fifth grade […]