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All ages comics and manga for 4/18/12

What’s coming up this week? Anyone with a video gamer in the house will be able to relate to Archie’s latest obsession in the new Archie Double Digest from Archie. Boom! Studios releases another Ice Age book for younger fans, and Papercutz has the next volume in the Disney Fairies line with some stories for a rainy day.

The List:

Archie Double Digest #228, $3.99
Betty And Veronica #259, $2.99
Sonic Universe #39, $2.99


Ice Age Playing Favorites (One Shot), $3.99
Peanuts #4 (Of 4)(Charles Schultz Regular Cover), $3.99

Super Dinosaur #10, $2.99

Disney Fairies Featuring Tinker Bell Volume 8 Tinker Bell And Her Stories For A Rainy Day GN, $7.99
Disney Fairies Featuring Tinker Bell Volume 8 Tinker Bell And Her Stories For A Rainy Day HC, $11.99

Shark King GN, $12.95 ^^AA Pick^^

Little Miss Sunshine In Here Comes The Sun GN (Mr. Men Little Miss), $6.99 ^^AA Pick^^
Mr Bump In Lights Camera Bump GN (Mr. Men Little Miss), $6.99 ^^AA Pick^^

The Picks:

Shark King GN – Toon Books brings a Hawaiian tale to the mainland. The beautiful Hawaiian maiden Kalei is rescued by a handsome young man and falls in love with him, not realizing his true nature. He is the Shark King. When their son, Nanaue is born, Kalei tries to keep Nanaue from learning the truth, but there is no denying his heritage. Nanaue must now try to balance between his yearning to follow his father with his desire to stay with his mother. Legends from other cultures are both fascinating and educational, as they give kids a window into another world. Johnson crafts the story to be readable for emerging readers, so elementary school libraries and collections should have no problem placing this title in their library. Read Snow Wildsmith’s review of this title at Good Comics For Kids blog.

Little Miss Sunshine In Here Comes the Sun/Mr. Bump In Lights Camera Bump – Viz Media expands their Vizkids line with a children’s classic. Little Miss Sunshine wakes up to find a bus on her own and proceeds to lead it on a singing tour of Dillydale. Then there’s horse riding, parties to throw and juding Dillydale’s favorite talent show, “Dillydale’s Got Talent”! Mr. Bump gets stuck in his TV and is transported to a different show with every change of the channel. Dancing with the Little Misses, surviving on a desert island, and ghost hunting, Mr. Bump is a must see! But how will he get home? These two books are based on Roger Hargreaves’s characters created in the 70s. Viz Media is bringing them to a new generation with new graphic novels that kids will surely love. Elementary school libraries and collections should check them out.

Images © Toon Books andViz Media respectively.

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