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GC4K Elevator Pitch: The Ferret’s a Foot (and Eisner voting)

The Ferret's a Foot

Hey! Hey, librarians! Hey, librarians who collect comics and graphic novels for your libraries! YEAH, YOU! Did you know that as one of the “graphic novel librarians” you are considered an industry professional and can vote for the Eisner Awards? I know, right? How cool is that?!? Here’s the scoop straight from the San Diego […]

Review: Biographical Comics series


Teachers, librarians, and parents are always looking for engaging biographies to hand to children. That is why it isn’t surprising that manga publisher VIZ has decided to release a series of biographies originally published by Shogakukan. Whether or not children will enjoy them enough to look for more biographies and/or more information on the subjects […]

Preview: Snarked #8


Roger Langridge’s Snarked is one of the freshest new comics on the kids’ scene today. Langridge starts with Lewis Carroll’s characters, the Walrus and the Carpenter, and reimagines them as con men in the kingdom of the Red Queen. Here’s a quick look at issue #8 of the ongoing series; the first volume of the […]

Links: Vampire fail

Artist Lea Hernandez has taken to Kickstarter to raise funds for her latest project, The Garlicks: Pandora Orange, Fail Vampire. This all-ages comic stars a young bloodsucker who aspires to be a cartoonist. Following the dictum of “write what you know,” she uses her family as material — not hard to do when you’re mom’s […]

Preview: WordGirl: Fashion Disaster


Here’s a look at the latest WordGirl comic from BOOM! Studios, in which WordGirl and Bob become involved in a fashion competition (a la Project Runway). Here’s the blurb: Duty calls for WordGirl, especially when her alter ego, Becky Botsford, sees her best friend it trouble! When Violet gets wrapped up in the evil machinations […]

All ages comics and manga for 5/23/12


Get ready for the three-day weekend with some of the great titles coming out this week! Archie Comics has a hard-cover edition of the Best of Sonic the Hedgehog for die-hard Sonic fans. Dark Horse releases an import from Europe with the Incredible Adventures of Dog Mendonca and Pizza Boy for tweens, and Marvel nears […]

Review: Young Miss Holmes, casebook 1-2


Christie wants to be just like her uncle, but when your uncle is Sherlock Holmes, that is a difficult thing to achieve. But Christie is smart and hardworking, so at the age of ten, she’s already the equal of any student at Oxford or Cambridge—at least in science and classics. When it comes to proper […]

Links: Faith Erin Hicks on Friends With Boys

Faith Erin Hicks talks about her work, particularly Friends With Boys, with Tom Spurgeon at the Comics Reporter. Chris Sims takes a look at Archie’s New Crusaders app, which revives the Red Circle superheroes of yore. Princeless, the story of the rebellious princess who teams up with a dragon to change her fate, took top […]

All ages comics and manga for 5/16/12


Grab some great graphic novels this week! Action Lab Entertainment collects its critically acclaimed series Princeless, while Graphic Universe releases the next volume of Miss Annie. If you prefer your comics in the floppy format, then don’t miss the newest issues of Sonic Universe and Adventure Time, but don’t pass up this week’s picks! The […]

Review: Terra Tempo, vol. 1: Ice Age Cataclysm


Jenna and Caleb have always looked up to their Uncle Al, an explorer and scientist. One day, while visiting their relatives’ house, the twins get the ultimate opportunity—they’re left alone in their Uncle’s study. Thanks to a little digging, they find his journal, but instead of pure science, it has tales of time travel! Jenna […]