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Preview: Vol. 1 of Voltron Force


The blurb for vol. 1 of Voltron Force, the graphic novel series from Viz, tells you all you need to know: The mighty robot Voltron is back! And three young cadets—Daniel, Larmina and Vince—are training to become defenders of the universe. Seriously, teenagers and a giant robot—it’s gotta be good. Oh, there are villains too. […]

Links: FCBD follow-up


John Jakala compares Marvel’s Free Comic Book Day offering Avengers: Age of Ultron Point One with its original incarnation as Avengers 12.1 and discovers a key difference: in the original version, Spider-Woman is naked. “Why not [choose] something that would be appropriate for all ages, such as an issue of the old Marvel Adventures: The […]

All ages comics and manga for 5/9/12


It’s more of the same for this second week in May. Megaman from Archie Comics starts a new story arc. You can choose which world of Oz you want to visit with the trade of the next adaptation of the books from Marvel, Ozma of Oz, or the crossover, Oz Wonderland Chronicles volume 2. Courtney […]

GC4K Elevator Pitch: Teen Boat!

The angst of being a teen. The thrill of being a boat.

Teen Boat!, the new book by John Green and Dave Roman, launched (Get it? Teen Boat!? Launched? Yeah, okay, never mind.) Saturday at TCAF, where I convinced John to give me his elevator pitch: Why Teens Should Read His New Book. Teen Boat! Written by Dave Roman Illustrated by John Green Clarion Books, May 2012 […]

Review: Giants Beware!

Giants Beware! Written by Jorge Aguirre Illustrated by Rafael Rosado First Second Books, April 2012 204 pages, $14.99 Ages 7 and up If there’s a giant to be slain, look no further than pint-sized Claudette to do it. She’s a fierce and feisty red-headed little girl who won’t back down from anyone or anything. Claudette […]

Preview: Winx


Here’s a look at one of Viz’s licensed books, due out later this year, that will be a nostalgia trip for some folks: Winx, the story of five fairies who do magic and have girly fun, was introduced to American audiences six or seven years ago via an animated cartoon. (It was confusingly similar to […]

Links: Thievery!


Saturday Morning Webtoons has teamed up with Kids Can Press to make Scott Chantler’s Three Thieves available for free. The story, which follows the adventures of a reluctant teenage thief, began serialization at the SMW site last weekend. Our own Brigid Alverson gets the inside scoop on the return of Hetalia: Axis Powers, which was […]

Free Comic Book Day – Saturday May 5th!

Free Comic Book Day is once again here this Saturday, May 5. Now in its tenth year, it’s the annual celebration of comic book stores and the love of reading, and best of all, there are some great free comic books made especially for the day. What is Free Comic Book Day, you ask? It’s […]

All ages comics and manga for 5/2/12


It’s Free Comic BooK Day this Saturday! Head out to your local Comic Book shop or library (if yours is participating) and check out some new titles. And while you’re there, support your LCS with some of these titles. Ape Entertainment collects the first story of the new Richie Rich with Welcome To Rich Rescue. […]

Tokyopop to publish Hetalia: Axis Powers… again


In May 2011, Tokyopop shuttered its North American publishing operations, leaving dozens of manga in licensing purgatory. Among the most popular of these unfinished series was Hetalia: Axis Powers. The series’ premise is simple: all the countries of Western Europe are reimagined as cute teenage boys, each of whom behaves according to national stereotypes (e.g. […]