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All ages comics and manga for 9/26/12

Now that Fall is officially here, thoughts can now move toward the autumn holidays, with Halloween coming up first! Bongo Comics has the yearly tradition of the Simpsons Treehouse of Horror, with the new issue coming out this week. Archie Comics has the gang going to an “old-fashioned” Halloween party. Find out what that means in Archie Double Digest #233. And Eureka Productions has their own collection of spooky tales with Graphic Classics Volume 23 Halloween Classics, which features five classic short stories done in the style of the old EC Comics horror comics.

The List:

Archie And Friends Double Digest #20, $3.99
Archie Double Digest #233, $3.99
Jugheads Double Digest #185, $3.99
Sonic The Hedgehog Select Volume 6 TP, $11.99


Bart Simpson Comics #75, $2.99
Simpsons Treehouse Of Horror #18, $4.99


Adventure Time #8 (Cover A Chris Houghton), $3.99
Adventure Time #8 (Cover B Drew Weing), $3.99


Avatar The Last Airbender Volume 3 The Promise Part 3 TP, $10.99
Axe Cop President Of The World #3 (Of 3), $3.50


Showcase Presents Amethyst Princess Of Gemworld Volume 1 TP, $19.99 ^^AA Pick^^
Superman Family Adventures #5, $2.99

Graphic Classics Volume 23 Halloween Classics GN, $17.95

Popeye #5 (Cover A Bruce Ozella), $3.99

Super Dinosaur #14, $2.99

Deltora Quest Volume 8 GN, $10.99

Takio #3, $3.95

Yotsuba&! Volume 11 GN, $11.99 ^^AA Pick^^

The Picks:

Showcase Presents Amethyst Princess Of Gemworld Volume 1 TP – DC collects a favorite from the 80s in this new trade. Amy Winston was just a normal girl until she receives an amethyst, her birthstone, for her 13th birthday. Suddenly she is thrust into a magical realm where she is the last living survivor of the royal house Amethyst, and the Gemworld’s only hope against the tyrant Dark Opal, who has ruled the land for the last 20 years. Torn between two worlds and two lives, can Amy save Gemworld? Which life will she choose? Amethyst was a rare comic from DC that was aimed specifically at girls. It’s a coming-of-age story that features action, danger, and just a touch of romance. This collection is a complete collection of the first series including crossovers to some other DC titles. The only bad thing about it is that it is in black and white, while the original was in color. It’s still worth picking up. Middle school libraries and tween-teen collections will want to check this title out.

Yotsuba&! Volume 11 GN – The little girl with the green hair is back! In this volume Yotsuba’s father gets her a camera, and she takes with her around the neighborhood, interacting with a man who makes Udon, getting some pizza, and avoiding the scary dog down the street. It’s been nearly a year since the last Yotsuba&! volume came out, and with the series no longer serialized in Yen Press’ Yen Plus digital magazine, there are readers out there going into withdrawals, no doubt! Don’t leave them in suspense. Any all ages collection should have at least a volume or two of this series on their shelf.

Images © DC Comics and Yen Press respectively.

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