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All ages comics and manga for 11/14/12

Start planning for rewarding those good little boys and girls now, with some titles from this week’s list! IDW has the collected issues of their prequel to the movie Dorothy of Oz scheduled to come out next year. Marvel Comics collects their Toy Story prequel comic to Toy Story 2, Tales From the Toy Chest, and Papercutz has a new volume of Dance Class, in which the three friends catch some African Folk Dance Fever.

The List:


Richie Rich Gems Special Collection TP, $6.99

Archie Comics Super Special #1, $9.99 ^^AA Pick^^
Mega Man #19, $2.99
World Of Archie Double Digest #23, $3.99

Adventure Time Marceline And The Scream Queens #5 (Of 6)(Cover A Jen Bennett), $3.99
Adventure Time Marceline And The Scream Queens #5 (Of 6)(Cover B Andy Hirsch), $3.99

Green Lantern The Animated Series #8, $2.99
Young Justice Volume 2 Training Day TP, $12.99 ^^AA Pick^^

Classic Popeye #4 (Cover A Bud Sagendorf), $3.99
Dorothy Of Oz Prequel TP, $17.99


Toy Story Digest Tales From The Toy Chest TP, $9.99


Courtney Crumrin #7, $3.99


Dance Class Volume 3 African Folk Dance Fever HC, $10.99
Ernest And Rebecca Volume 3 Grandpa Bug HC, $10.99

Spongebob Comics #14, $2.99

The Picks:

Archie Comics Super Special #1 – Find out about all the happenings in Riverdale in an all-new format! This new quarterly magazine features the greatest stories from the Archie vault, with this issue focusing on Christmas as well as a never before seen in print story, “Betty and Veronica Save Christmas (or Not!).” It also has creator spotlights and the latest Archie news. And just to get you into the holiday spirit, this issue features a new foil enhanced cover. It will look great on a library shelf or coffee table—or under the Christmas tree!

Young Justice Volume 2 Training Day TP – DC Comics has made the popular Cartoon Network series available to younger readers. This trade collects issues #7-13 and features such stories as Artemis trying to prove herself to the team, Captain Atom teaching the team some Espionage 101 with a 40 year old case, Robin helping his mentor Batman against Ra’s al Ghul. The origin of Clayface is revealed, and Aqualad’s leadership gets tested. I had avoided putting this series on the list since I believed it was more in line with the older-rated cartoon series. But writer Greg Weisman, who also wrote such titles as Gargoyles for the Disney Afternoon in the 90s and later The Spectacular Spider-Man in 2008, knows how to craft stories for all ages. This is another title that would look great on shelves and under the tree.

Images © Archie Comics and DC Comics respectively.

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