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All ages comics and manga for 11/14/12


Start planning for rewarding those good little boys and girls now, with some titles from this week’s list! IDW has the collected issues of their prequel to the movie Dorothy of Oz scheduled to come out next year. Marvel Comics collects their Toy Story prequel comic to Toy Story 2, Tales From the Toy Chest, […]

Interview: Jeff Kinney on The Wimpy Kid going digital

Wimpy Kid 1

When I got the news a few weeks ago that Jeff Kinney’s Diary of a Wimpy Kid books were to be published as e-books, I had to smile: The very first incarnation of the Diary was on the website, where you can still read an early version. So in a way, the move to […]

Preview: The Stereotypical Freaks


Howard Shapiro’s The Stereotypical Freaks, which comes out today, is a graphic novel about teenagers dealing with the usual issues of high school life—popularity, friends, the Opposite Sex—who are forced to grapple with a much larger issue that puts everything into perspective. To say more would be a spoiler, but this book, which is structured […]

Review: Amethyst: Princess of Gemworld #1-12

amethyst-princess 1

Amy Winston is just a normal girl, until she receives a gemstone for her 13th birthday—an amethyst. Almost immediately her life is turned upside down as she is taken to another dimension where time passes differently and magical isn’t just real, but as normal as breathing. While there, she learns that she might not be […]

Links: Mirka Meets a Meteorite—and more!

Kid Beowulf

This won’t be out until next May, but it sounds intriguing: Writer Chris Northrop and artist Jeff Stokeley are working on The Reason for Dragons, a coming-of-age story about a teenager who has an encounter with a knight—who lives in his garage. Barry Deutsch talks about Hereville: How Mirka Met A Meteorite, and how it […]

Preview: The Three Stooges, vol. 2


The folks at Papercutz love a good laugh, and who better to provide it than the Three Stooges? Here’s a look at their second volume of new Three Stooges comics, written by George Gladir and Stefan Petrucha and illustrated by Stan Goldberg. Gladir and Goldberg are old Archie hands, while Petrucha writes a number of […]

All ages comics and manga for 11/7/12

DC Nation 2

Begin the holiday season with felines from this week’s new releases. Get a double dose of Garfield as Boom! Studios lets the large orange cat loose on Thanksgiving dinner in the latest issue of their ongoing series, while Papercutz has him coming Home for the Holidays in their graphic novel series. If you prefer your […]

Interview: Nate Powell

On May 4th through 6th, while attending the Toronto Comic Arts Festival, I ran around to as many of my favorite kids comics creators as I could and asked them all the exact same questions. Keep in mind, exhibit halls are crazy loud and crazy busy (even when they’re held in a library), so there […]

Preview: Ninjago 5: Kingdom of the Snakes


Who would have thought that one of the best selling graphic novels, for children or adults, would be about Lego ninja warriors? Well, anyone who thought it through, I guess. Here’s a peek at the latest book in the series, Ninjago 5: Kingdom of the Snakes, which is available now from finer booksellers everywhere. Enjoy!

Review: Upside Down


Here’s another review by our newest writer, Michael May—that’s him over on the right! Upside Down: A Vampire Tale By Jess Smart Smiley Top Shelf It’s tough not to be a hypocrite when it comes to raising or teaching kids. “Do as I say, not as I do” may work when they’re very young, but […]