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This Week’s Comics: Beauty and the Beast Time!

It’s a beast of a good time on this week’s comics list! The massive Sonic the Hedgehog/Mega Man crossover continues as the Blue Streak and the Blue Bomber leap into Sonic Universe #51. Cinebook returns with two volumes of Lucky Luke for fans who missed the Cowboy’s adventures, and fans of Disney Princesses can check out Disney Girls Presents magazine, or for general Disney characters, pick up Disney Junior magazine, both from Marvel Comics.

The List:

Betty And Veronica #265 (Dan Parent Regular Cover), $2.99  ^^AA Pick^^
Betty And Veronica #265 (Renae De Liz Variant Cover), $2.99
Betty And Veronica Friends Double Digest #233, $3.99
Sonic Universe #51 (Patrick Spaziante Regular Cover), $2.99
Sonic Universe #51 (Patrick Spaziante Variant Cover), $2.99
World Of Archie Double Digest #28, $3.99

Bart Simpson Big Shot TP, $15.99
Simpsons Comics #201, $2.99

Adventure Time #15 (Cover A Mike Holmes), $3.99  ^^AA Pick^^
Adventure Time #15 (Cover B Emily Warren), $3.99

Lucky Luke Volume 25 The Stagecoach TP, $11.95
Lucky Luke Volume 26 The Bounty Hunter TP, $11.95

Popeye Classics #9 (Cover A Bud Sagendorf), $3.99

Disney Girls Presents #13 (Disney Publishing Worldwide), $4.99
Disney Junior Magazine #13 (Disney Publishing Worldwide), $4.99

Monster Hardcover Volumes 1-4 Box Set, $39.99
Smurfs Graphic Novel Volumes 10-12 Box Set, $17.99

The List:

Betty And Veronica #265 – Archie Comics mashes up the Riverdale gang with your favorite fairy tales! The Enchantress Veronica has placed a curse on Prince Archie, turning him into a beast, because he had no love in his heart for her. Unless another can fall for Prince Archie before his 21st birthday, he will remain a beast for all eternity. Just when all hope seems lost, a beauty arrives by the name of Betty. Could she be the one to at long last break the spell? Not if Enchantress Veronica has anything to say about it! If she can’t have Archie, then no one can! This is the second fairy tale mashup for the Archie girls. Last month featured the girls as rival Rapunzels for the Prince Archie’s affections. This looks like a fun series that kids and lovers of fairy tales will enjoy. Check out the preview from Comic Book Resources!

Adventure Time #15 – Boom! Studios creates a jumping-on point for new readers to the land of Ooo! In a topsy-turvy take on the land of Ooo, this stand-alone issue takes Jake the Dog and Finn the Human on an adventure after Magic Man crashes Princess Bubblegum’s Princess High Tea party. Finn and Jake jump in to help the princesses but lose their voices in the process. They must track down Magic Man and make him give them their voices back. This break between story arcs gives new readers a great opportunity to jump in on the action. Adventure Time is a comic that has the appeal to truly reach all ages and can be enjoyed with or without seeing the show. Check out the preview for this issue also from Comic Book Resources.

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