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This Week’s Comics: Amazing or Malevolent

amazing agent luna_vol9_full

2013 is now halfway over. Where has the time gone? It’s easy to guess with all the great titles that have been coming out! Archaia Entertainment, which just this week announced a merger with BOOM! Studios, releases the beginning of second volume of the popular Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard series. BOOM! Studios has […]

Exclusive Preview: Superman Family Adventures, vol. 1

SMFAv1_CV copy

We loved Art Baltazar and Franco Aureliani’s Superman Family Adventures here at Good Comics for Kids, and we were sad when it was cancelled. The good news is that this collected edition, Superman Family Adventures, vol. 1, is already available in comics stores and will be in bookstores starting July 2. This handy collection brings […]

Review: Batman/Superman #1

batman:superman cover

Batman/Superman #1 Written by Greg Pak, drawn by Jae Lee and Ben Oliver DC Comics, $3.99 Rated T, for readers 12 and up It’s been nearly two years since DC Comics canceled their Superman/Batman team-up title (along with the rest of their line, in order to introduce the new “New 52″ universe), but this week […]

Review: Power Rangers Super Samurai Volume 1-2

SuperSamurai 1

The Nightlok are a race of monsters from the Netherworld. Led by Lord Xandred, they are determined to take over the world, using the sorrows of humanity. The only ones standing in their way are five teenagers. Jayden, Kevin, Emily, Mike, Mia and Antonio have been called upon to take up the mantle of the […]

Review: ARiOL Vols. 1-2

ariol vol. 1

ARiOL Vol. 1: Just a Donkey Like You and Me and ARiOL Vol. 2: Thunder Horse Written by Emmanuel Guibert and drawn by Marc Boutavant Papercutz, $12.99 each   The back cover copy on the first translated and re-published volume of ARiOL, a kid-centric comedy comic from the writer of Sardine in Outer Space and […]

Preview: Betty & Veronica Double Digest #213


Here’s a quick look at the comic the kids will be nagging you to buy at the supermarket checkout this week: Betty & Veronica Double Digest #213, with the usual mix of newer and classic stories. Check out the preview; catalog info follows if you want to know more. BETTY & VERONICA DOUBLE DIGEST #213 […]

This Week’s Comics: Make ‘Em Laugh

MLPFiM Mico 5

Enjoy the longest day of the year with some comics! BOOM! Studios releases a new trade of Adventure Time, collecting the third story arc. Dark Horse Comics has a new Star Wars Clone Wars trade featuring everyone’s favorite Jedi, Obi-wan Kenobi, and Marvel Comics has a magazine special for the new Monsters University movie that […]

Interview: James Burks

On Wednesday, July 11 through Sunday, July 15, while attending the Comic-Con International 2012 in San Diego, I ran around to as many of my favorite kids comics creators as I could and asked them all the exact same questions. Keep in mind, comic book conventions are crazy loud and crazy busy, so there is […]

Interview: Edith Donnell on this weekend’s Kids Read Comics event

I’m chatting today with Edith Donnell, the Youth/Teen Librarian for the Chelsea District Library. For the last five years she has been one of the driving forces behind the all-ages Kids Read Comics event, which is held at the Ann Arbor District Library – 343 S 5th Avenue in Ann Arbor, Michigan. This year the […]

Review: Spongebob Annual-Size Super-Giant Swimtacular #1

annual cover

SpongeBob Annual-Size Super-Giant Swimtacular #1 Written by Derek Drymon, Scott Roberts, James Kochalka and Chuck Dixon, and drawn by Drymon, Vince DePorter, Ramona Fradon,  Kochalka, Hilary Barta Jacob Chabot and others United Plankton Pictures, $4.99   Comic book publishers used to release annuals—bigger, costlier versions of their monthly comics—during the summer, when kids had more […]