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This Week’s Comics: Emerald Sea

Beat the heat with some cool titles from this week’s new comics! Over at Archie Comics, Sonic The Hedgehog hits another milestone as the comic reaches issue #250 and its massive crossover with Mega Man continues. BOOM! Studios completes the spin-off series Adventure Time with Fionna and Cake. I know I’m going to miss them. I hope there’s more of them coming soon! And Viz Media has a new graphic novel series based on the popular plush Uglydolls, with the first volume being released this week.

The List:

Princeless Volume 2 #4 (Of 4), $3.99

Archie #645 (Fernando Ruiz Regular Cover), $3.99
Archie #645 (Tim Seeley Variant Cover), $3.99
Archie Double Digest #241, $3.99
Legacy Of The Crusaders TP, $16.99
Sonic The Hedgehog #250 (Patrick Spaziante Regular Cover), $3.99
Sonic The Hedgehog #250 (Patrick Spaziante Variant Cover), $3.99

Adventure Time With Fionna And Cake #6 (Of 6)(Cover A Natasha Allegri), $3.99
Adventure Time With Fionna And Cake #6 (Of 6)(Cover B Jen Wang), $3.99
Garfield #15 (Cover A Genevieve Ft), $3.99

Axe Cop Volume 4 President Of The World TP, $12.99

Scooby-Doo Where Are You #35, $2.99

Percy Jackson And The Olympians Volume 2 Sea Of Monsters HC, $19.99
Percy Jackson And The Olympians Volume 2 Sea Of Monsters SC, $12.99 ^^AA Pick^^

Emerald City Of Oz #1 (Of 5)(Skottie Young Regular Cover), $3.99 ^^AA Pick^^
Marvel Universe The Avengers Earth’s Mightiest Heroes #16, $2.99

Pokemon Adventures Black & White Volume 1 GN, $9.99
Pokemon Adventures Volume 17 TP, $9.99
Uglydolls Goin’ Places GN, $7.99

The Picks:

Percy Jackson And The Olympians, Volume 2: Sea Of Monsters – Percy Jackson is back in this new graphic novel. Seventh grader and demigod Percy Jackson has had a quiet year so far, but that changes quickly when a game of dodgeball becomes a death match with the arrival of an ugly gang of cannibal giants. To make matters worse, Annabeth, his friend from Camp Half-Blood, brings the bad news that the magical borders that protect the camp have been poisoned by an unknown enemy. The only safe haven for demigods will destroyed unless a cure is found. It’s up to Percy and his friends to journey into a Sea of Monsters to save their camp. This volume is being released a month ahead of the film, which is due out in August, and is sure to whet fans’ appetites. Whether you are a fan of the films or books, this beautifully illustrated and faithful adaptation is a must have. It will also make a great addition to any tween-teen/graphic collection.

Emerald City Of Oz #1 – Marvel continues its adaptations of the Oz books with the sixth volume in the series. There’s trouble back in Kansas: Uncle Henry can’t pay the mortgage, so Aunt Em, Dorothy, and he must leave. With nowhere else to go, they head to the Land of Oz! But a danger threatens the magical land. The Nomes are attacking through a secret underground tunnel. Will anyone in Oz survive long enough to greet them? Creative team Skottie Young and Eric Shanower return once more to work their magic on this new adaptation as Dorothy and Toto, now with Uncle Henry and Aunt Em in tow, return to the land of Oz. It’s more all ages fun you won’t want to miss.

Images © Hyperion Press and Marvel Comics respectively.

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