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This Week’s Comics: The All Super Pet Edition

Capstone is doing its part to get younger readers interested in superheroes with some board books out this week featuring Superman. Lerner Publishing releases the 10th volume of their adaptation of the The Little Prince, The Planet of Trainiacs, and Marvel has two Disney magazines aimed at young and tween girls, Girls Presents and Princess Magazine. Then check out the spotlight picks for some great super pet action!

The List:

Archie And Friends Double Digest #30, $3.99
Best Of Archie Comics Volume 3 TP, $9.99

Adventure Time Candy Capers #2 (Of 6)(Cover A Tina Fabert), $3.99
Adventure Time Candy Capers #2 (Of 6)(Cover B Brinson Thieme), $3.99
Garfield Pet Force Special #1 (Cover A Gary Barker), $4.99 **Weekly Pick**
Herobear And The Kid Inheritance #1 (Of 5)(Cover A Mike Kunkel), $3.99 **Weekly Pick**

DC Board Book Superman Fights For Truth SC, $7.99
DC Board Book Superman To The Rescue SC, $7.99
DC Super Heroes The Man Of Steel Superman Vs Mr Mxyzptlk TP, $5.95

Batman Li’l Gotham #5, $2.99

My Little Pony Cover Gallery #1, $3.99
My Little Pony Digest Volume 1 TP, $6.99

Little Prince Volume 10 The Planet Of Trainiacs GN, $7.95

Disney Girls Presents #16 (Disney Publishing Worldwide), $4.99
Disney Princess Magazine #15 (Disney Publishing Worldwide), $4.99
Marvel Universe Ultimate Spider-Man #17, $2.99

SpongeBob Comics #23, $2.99

The Picks:

Garfield Pet Force Special #1 – Leaping from the pages of the ongoing comic to its own special issue is Garfield’s Pet Force! Garzooka, Odious, Abnermal and Starlena fight the forces of the evil Vetvix to protect the throne of Emperor Jon on the planet Dorkon. This issue collects all the Pet Force stories from the Garfield comic, including parodies of popular comics such as Spider-Man and Watchmen. It also includes an all-new story just for this issue. Garfield and superhero fans in general won’t want to pass this one up.

Herobear And The Kid Inheritance #1 – The origin of Tyler and his friend Herobear is reprinted in this 5 part series from BOOM! Studios. An old stuffed toy bear and a broken pocket watch are the items 10-year-old Tyler inherits from his grandfather after his passing. After dealing with some bullies, Tyler learns that his inheritance isn’t what it seems, and an old stuffed toy bear can be something more. Tyler’s amazing childhood adventure begins as he learns the truth about his family. This is more than just a reprint of the original series as creator Mike Kunkel has created new bonus material making this edition a must for old and new fans.

Images © Boom! Studios

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  1. Mimi Morgan says:

    Where in the vicinity of Tallahassee, FL, Dothan, Al can I find ANY of the Superman comics for my grandson?

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