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This Week’s Comics: Jellaby Diaries

February winds down with a not-to-shabby list this week. Action Lab Entertainment completes the release of its Encore Edition of the first Princeless series. Pocket Books releases the second trade of Peanuts classic comic strips tailored to appeal to middle school kids, and IDW Publishing has a special issue of Samurai Jack with their Special Director’s Cut, which includes bonus pages and commentary from series creator Genndy Tartakovsky.

The List:

Princeless Encore Edition #4 (Of 4)(Cover A M. Goodwin), $2.99

Charlie Brown And Friends TP, $9.99

Betty And Veronica Double Digest #221, $3.99
Jugheads Double Double Digest #200, $5.99
Life With Archie #34 (Fernando Ruiz Regular Cover), $3.99
Life With Archie #34 (Roberth Hack Riverdale Confidential Variant Cover), $3.99
Sonic Super Special Magazine #10, $9.99

Futurama Comics #70, $2.99
Sergio Aragones Funnies #12, $3.50

Bravest Warriors #17 (Cover A Tyson Hesse), $3.99
Bravest Warriors #17 (Cover B Michael Dialynas), $3.99
Peanuts #16 (Cover A Charles M. Schulz), $3.99
Regular Show #10 (Cover A Andy Hirsch), $3.99
Regular Show #10 (Cover B Michael Dialynas), $3.99

Jellaby Volume 1 The Lost Monster GN, $12.95 **Weekly Pick**

Beware The Batman #5, $2.99
Scooby-Doo Where Are You #42, $2.99

My Little Pony Friends Forever #2 (Cover A Amy Mebberson), $3.99
My Little Pony Friends Forever #2 (Cover SUB Lea Hernandez), $3.99
Powerpuff Girls #6 (Cover A Troy Little), $3.99
Powerpuff Girls #6 (Cover SUB Derek Charm), $3.99
Samurai Jack #5 (Cover A Andy Suriano), $3.99
Samurai Jack #5 (Cover SUB Genndy Tartakovsky), $3.99
Samurai Jack Special Director’s Cut (Cover A Bill Wray), $7.99
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles New Animated Adventures #8 (Cover A Dario Brizuela), $3.99

Super Dinosaur #22, $2.99

Marvel Universe Ultimate Spider-Man #23, $2.99

Dance Class Volume 7 School Night Fever HC, $10.99
Nancy Drew Dairies Volume 1 Demon Of River Heights GN, $9.99 **Weekly Pick**

The Picks:

Jellaby Volume 1 The Lost Monster GN – Capstone Press brings the lovable purple monster, Jellaby, back to print. Portia has just moved to a new neighborhood. With her father gone, it’s just her and her mother. Portia tries to adjust to her new life, but the quiet but bright girl finds school boring and her classmates standoffish. Even her mother seems distant. A midnight excursion into the woods behind her house leads to the discovery of a shy and sweet purple monster, Jellaby. Things start to look up for Portia, since life with Jellaby is exciting, but her new friend has secrets of his own. This book was first published back in 2008, and Capstone is re-releasing this edition with a new cover and extras about the making of the graphic novel. Whether it’s updating an older copy or a first time buy, this is a must for any graphic novel collection.

Nancy Drew Dairies Volume 1 Demon Of River Heights GN – Papercutz brings back Nancy Drew, girl detective, in a new, thicker edition. This volume includes two stories. In the first, Nancy stars in a horror movie about a monstrous River Heights urban legend, but is it really just a legend? Will Nancy, Bess and George live long enough to find out? In the second story, a boy Nancy has babysat goes missing, as does a historical stone marker that could prove the Chinese discovered America before Columbus. The pressure is on as Nancy has two baffling mysteries to solve at the same time and all of River Heights watches. This series appears to be an 2-in-1 reprint of Papercutz original Nancy Drew series. If you missed it the first time around, this is a great, inexpensive way to catch up.

Images © Capstone Press and Papercutz respectively.


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