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Review: Dragons in the Library

While wondering around Artists Alley at Wondercon 2014, I came across a table that had prints and playing cards of dragons. I love dragons, so I had to stop. Among the artwork for sale was a picture book about dragons and books, so I had to pick it up.

Dragons in the Library
By Jessica Feinberg
All Ages
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; February 2013
ISBN: 9781482350692
28 pgs, $14.95

Dragons in the Library follows a simple rhyming scheme, with one to two lines of the rhyme on each page. They describe dragons in different parts of a house, such as in the kitchen, garden, and bedroom, usually getting into some kind of mischief. They get into the jam, chew on socks, and draw on the walls. The dragons come in all different sizes and colors. There are hatchlings and adults that are red, blue, green, and even rainbow colored. They can have wings and four legs or no wings or legs at all. They are all friendly-looking, often with smiles on their faces. Feinberg’s love of dragons comes through in her art. All the dragons are cute and playful, often looking like scaly cats.

The text is written in large, friendly letters, and the words are fairly simple with a few multisyllabic words. The rhyming scheme works well and falls into a easy rhythm. The book itself is well made, with a sturdy cover and durable inside pages. Because this is a self-published book, the price is a little steeper than other picture books, but it is worth it for dragon fans of any age. It is great for reading to young children or for an early reader to start on their own.

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