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Perfect Square Levels Up with New Pokemon Manga

Get out your pokèballs and warm up your pokedèx, there’s something new for your bookshelf coming out later this year!

Perfect Square, Viz Media’s all ages imprint has announced the acquisition of the manga about the latest Pokèmon video game generation, X and Y. The manga follows the storyline of the latest video game release, Pokèmon X and Pokèmon Y. The story starts with the introduction of the X, the new Pokèmon Battle Junior Tournament Champion. He is hailed as a child prodigy, but when all the media coverage proves too much for him, he holes himself up in his room, hiding from everyone, including his best friends. When his hometown of Vaniville Town is attacked by legendary pokèmon Xerneas and Yveltal and the mysterious organization Team Flare, it’s up to X to come out of hiding and face this new challenge.

The story is written and illustrated by creative team Hidenori Kusaka and Satoshi Yamamoto, the same team who adapted the other video games including Ruby and Sapphire, Diamond, Pearl and Platinum, Black and White. The manga does a good job of keeping the feel of the video game while presenting a story that readers of any age will enjoy, even if they haven’t played the games. This title will make another great addition to any graphic novel or all ages collection.

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