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Review: ‘Terrible Lizard’ #1

This November, Oni Press is launching a new, five-issue series by Cullen Bunn (The Sixth Gun) and Drew Moss, Terrible Lizard, which sets out to be a mix of action, adventure, and a fantastic array of monsters.

Terrible Lizard #1
By Cullen Bunn and Drew Moss
Oni Press, November 2014
32 pp. $3.99
Recommended for grades 6 and up

When Jess’s father runs an experiment at the Cosmos Lab that goes awry, a T-Rex comes through a time portal. Though the military men at the lab’s immediately attempt to put down the animal, Jess stops them and insists that he is gentle. Her father agrees, suggesting the T-Rex has imprinted on Jess. But it seems like a lot more than just the T-Rex came through that portal.

While this first issue of a new series by Oni Press is merely a set-up, there’s promise for lots of action, great characterization, and an abundance of monster adventure. Jess is poised to be a strong female character that will attract a female readership.

Colors are used with care, setting the tone and mood of the story. The palette is green and blue for Jess’s opening scenes and the lab scenes, indicating the drabness of her everyday surroundings, but the colors explode with red and orange as the monsters arrive and start rampaging.

Though writer Cullen Bunn says this is an “all ages” comic, it’s difficult to know how the series will play out. Still the first issue indicates that this will be mostly a good deal of “Godzilla type fun.” Highly recommended for anyone looking for some action.

Check out the preview at Comic Book Resources; the first issue is on sale today in comics shops and on comiXology.

This review is based on an advanced reading copy supplied by the publisher. All images copyright © Oni Press.

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