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Archie’s ‘Worlds Unite’ Adds Sega and Capcom Characters

Left to Right, Top to Bottom; Gore Magala, Base Wing, Red Arremer, Alex Kidd, Ameratsu, Nina (Breath of Fire), Nights, Vyse, Ryo, Tyris Flare (Golden Axe), Viewtiful Joe, Sticks, Mega Man, Sonic, Mega Man X, Billy Hatcher

Back in December, Archie Comics gave out some details for their mega summer crossover event, Worlds Unite. The crossover would include characters from not only Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man but also Sonic Boom! and Mega Man X. Now, even more details have been released, expanding the crossover to include even more characters from the Sega and Capcom universes.

Over 3 days, 12 new characters were revealed, representing well-known video game franchises from both Sega and Capcom and ranging from the early years to games still being published today. The reveals started with Alex Kidd and Billy Hatcher from Sega, representing Sega’s first mascot and their final original IP character respectively. From Capcom comes the entire party of Breath of Fire 3, a RPG (roleplaying game) and Viewtiful Joe, who was so popular in Japan that he got an cartoon series.

The second day revealed Tyris Flare from the arcade/Genesis classic Golden Axe and Nights from NiGHTS into Dreams for the Sega Saturn, while Capcom added Red Arremer from classic Ghosts ‘n Goblins, infamous for its difficulty, and Ameratsu from Okami, a title known for its emphasis on artistic gameplay.

The final four characters revealed were Vyse from Skies of Arcadia, a pirates-in-the-sky action game; Base Wing from Panzer Dragoon, a flying shooter from the Sega Dreamcast; Ryu from Street Fighter; and Gore Magala from Monster Hunter 4 from Capcom.

Only hints have been dropped so far about the plot of Worlds Unite. Solicitations now available for June give us the villain: Sigma from the Mega Man X universe, who seems intent on merging the different worlds. As to how all the characters from so many different worlds will connect, editor Paul Kaminski told IGN:

With the formation of the reality-traversing “Genesis Portals”, our heroes will be taken to new worlds from throughout the Sega and Capcom universes to do battle with Sigma’s forces of evil!

The addition of so many characters not only opens up more storytelling opportunities, it might even open up more comic opportunites. A Skies of Arcadia action series, an Okami mythic adventure series, or even a Viewtiful Joe comedy series would be a great fit with the growing video game adaptations coming from Archie Comics.

Worlds Unite is a twelve-issue event and spans the titles Sonic Universe, Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic Boom, and Mega Man. It starts in May with the Fee Comic Book Day preview, with the first chapter beginning in Sonic Universe #76 at the end of the month.



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