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Review: Sonic Boom! #1-4

Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, and newcomer Sticks are back in an all-new series as they continue their battle to try to stop the evil antics of Dr. Eggman and his robotic creations. But can they remain a team long enough to get the job done?

Review: Sonic Boom! #1-4
Written by Ian Flynn: Art by Evan Stanley, Rick Bryant, Jack Morelli, Matt Hermes
All Ages
Archie Comics, October 2014-January 2015
22 pgs ea; $3.99 ea

Sonic Boom! is based on the new cartoon and video game series that was released by Sega in the fall of last year. It is also the third ongoing Sonic series from Archie Comics and is set in a different continuity from the other two titles, Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic Universe, giving it some freedom to go a little crazy.

The Sonic the Hedgehog comics so far have leaned more toward the action and drama side of storytelling. Sonic Boom! sends the pendulum swinging in the opposite direction as it takes on more comedic aspects in both story and character. The characters are self-aware. They know they are in a comic and play it up at every opportunity. The characters are introduced with their names displayed as logos as a first issue gimmick, which then becomes a running joke throughout all four issues. The second issue starts with Sonic warning Eggman to be careful of the credits and then that they’re starting the same as the first issue.

The characters play up the comedy as well. Sonic, Tails, and Amy aren’t much different. Sonic tosses the one-liners like nobody’s business, Tails is still the mech-geek, and Amy is still the queen of sarcasm. Knuckles gets the biggest change, as his character is dumbed down to the “strongman” stereotype of all brawn and no brains. I don’t know how much I like this change, but I do understand Flynn has to work with the characters as Sega gave them to him. Sticks is the strangest of them all. She has some odd beliefs and is a bit of a conspiracy theorist. Her methods can be unorthodox to say the least, but she does help the team get the job done. Dr. Eggman is still the villain with designs to stop Sonic and his friends from interfering in his plans all before dinner, though he doesn’t mind talking shop with Tails about the specs of his latest robot.

The stories are generally light, with one issue being devoted to searching for Amy’s lost hammer, while others, like the first two issues, can have a message. Amy’s sharp tongue alienates Knuckles enough to go join Dr. Eggman, so she has to apologize. But the humor is prevalent throughout all the issues. Sonic starting to go crazy when he is locked in a cage was one of my favorite gags. Amy trying out different kinds of weapons while the others search for her hammer was another good one. There is plenty of slapstick humor, something I’ve missed in funny comics. There is so much going on in every issue that it’s hard to catch everything in one read, making this a great series to re-read.

The creative team has done a great job at presenting a new Sonic series that anyone can pick up and enjoy. The writing is funny and filled with jokes for both kids and adults to catch. The art is exciting and filled with motion. One two-page spread in issue #4 is especially well done, using a spiral to cleverly show the action.

Sonic Boom! is very different from the other ongoing titles, but in the best way. It is witty and entertaining and guaranteed to put a smile on your face. The stories are mostly stand alone, so you can pick up an issue at any point, but there is enough of an arc to keep regular readers interested. Whether you’re a fan of Sonic the Hedgehog or not, Sonic Boom! is a comic that is too much fun to pass up.

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