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Review: A Cat Named Tim and Other Stories

What do a Duck and Mouse, a Cat, a Bunny, and two elderly Pigs have in common? All the wacky, wild, and funny adventures they go on both together and apart. Whether it’s painting a room, flying a plane, or just waiting for the bus, there are plenty of hijinks to be had.

A Cat Named Tim and Other Stories
By John Martz
All Ages
Koyama Press, Sept 2014
ISBN: 978-1-927668-10-8
52 pgs, 19.99 USD

A Cat Named Tim and Other Stories is a mostly wordless collection of comics about six different animals going on little adventures. The book is nominated for a 2015 Eisner Award in the category Best Publication for Early Readers (up to age 7).

The book is divided up into sections, each featuring one or two of the animals. Doug & Mouse start the book. Doug is a duck, and Mouse is a mouse. They go on the wildest of adventures, as they enjoy the outdoors by flying in a plane, boating, and even traveling through a maze of tunnels to read a party with Tim and Connie. Tim is the cat of the title. He is shown dressed for many different occupations and enjoys sports such as basketball and golf while also experimenting with chemistry and painting a room. Connie is the more techie bunny. She has robots that help her wake up, shower, dress, and go through her daily routine, as well as a large machine that does…something. Mr. and Mrs. Hamhock are an elderly couple who are long on patience but short on memory as their one story of waiting for a bus shows.

The book makes use of the visual storytelling medium by using different and inventive ways to show the action. Stories with Connie and Doug and Mouse lead the reader through a maze that goes all over the page. It might sound confusing, but Martz makes it easy for the eye to move up and down the page in a maze-like path that tells the story in a way panels or words could not. The art is simple and cute, and every page is filled with bright and contrasting colors.

A Cat Named Tim and Other Stories is definitely aimed at a young audience, with its short, wordless stories and jokes that include the characters appearing in each other’s stories. Kids will love the cute animals and their silly antics. It is perfect for early readers and visual learners and will be a welcome addition to any early readers’ collection.

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