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This Week’s Comics: Mega Peanuts

The summer days will fly by with so many great comics being released this week. Papercutz releases the first graphic novel based on the Cartoon Network series Pig Goat Banana Cricket. Titan Entertainment celebrates another year of Doctor Who comics and the 50th anniversary of the Cybermen with its latest event “Supremacy of the Cybermen,” while Viz Media continues the year of Pokèmon with the latest volume of Pokèmon XY.

The List:

Archie Comics Double Digest #270, $4.99
Sonic Mega Drive #1 (One Shot), $3.99  **Weekly Pick**

Adventure Time Volume 9 TP, $14.99
Peanuts Friends Forever 2016 Special #1 (Cover A Charles M. Schulz), $7.99  **Weekly Pick**
Regular Show #37 (Cover A Jorge Corona), $3.99

Angry Birds Comics #7 (Cover A Ciro Cangialosi), $3.99
Donald Duck #15 (Cover A Jonathan Gray), $3.99
Popeye Classics #48 (Cover A Bud Sagendorf), $4.99

Marvel Universe Avengers Ultron Revolution #1 (Of 4), $2.99

Nancy Drew Diaries Volume 7 GN, $9.99
Pig Goat Banana Cricket Volume 1 Orgle Borgle Selfie Simple-Dee-Doo GN, $12.99
Sanjay And Craig Volume 3 Story Time With Sanjay And Craig GN, $7.99

DC Super Hero Girls Supergirl At Super Hero High HC, $13.99

Doctor Who Supremacy Of The Cybermen #1 (Of 5)(Cover A Alessandro Vitti), $3.99

Disney Manga Kilala Princess Volume 1 GN, $10.99

Pokemon XY Volume 7 GN, $4.99

The Picks:

Sonic Megadrive Sonic Mega Drive #1 – Archie Comics celebrates Sonic the Hedgehog’s 25th Anniversary with a special one-shot. The nefarious Dr. Eggman is collecting the Ancient Gears in order to build the Megadrive, a new engine of destruction, and he turning the innocent animals into robotiniks in order to do it. Only Sonic and his friends Tails, Knuckles, and Amy Rose can stop the mad doctor and save the day! Set after the fall of the Death Egg, this story returns Sonic and his friends to their younger incarnations, when Sonic was full of snark, Tails was still coming into his own, and Knuckles was the frenemy. This classic-styled story filled with wacky robots and rings and things is a great way for fans young and old to celebrate the Blue Blur turning 25!

Peanuts Friends ForeverPeanuts Friends Forever 2016 Special #1 – BOOM! Studios wraps up their Peanuts comic with an oversized final issue. In this issue, Peppermint Patty protests her school’s new dress code and Sally gives a report on reading to her class. And in an original story written by Jason Cooper, Daisy Hill Puppy Farm is being torn down to make way for a shopping mall, and Charlie Brown is there for his best friend, Snoopy. Filled with love and heart, this issue is a warm goodbye for devoted Peanuts readers everywhere.

Images © Archie Comics and Boom! Studios respectively.

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