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This Week’s Comics: Nameless Kid

Girls rule the new releases again this week. BOOM! Studios starts the fourth year of Lumberjanes with the start of a new story line that new readers can jump in on. IDW Publishing releases a new series of Real Science Adventures featuring the Flying She-Devils, while Tokyopop releases the final volume of Kilala Princess, which is also a new volume to English reading audiences.

The List:

Spookhouse #4, $3.99

Archie Comics Annual Digest #278, $5.99
Archie Volume 3 TP, $19.99
Big Moose #1 (One Shot)(Cover A Thomas Pitilli), $4.99

Jonesy Volume 2 TP, $14.99
Lumberjanes #37 (Cover A Kat Leyh), $3.99
Regular Show 2017 Special #1 (Cover A Derek Fridolfs), $7.99
Regular Show Volume 8 TP, $14.99
Steven Universe #3 (Cover A Missy Pena), $3.99

Avatar The Last Airbender Volume 15 North And South Part Three TP, $3.99

Scooby-Doo Team-Up #25, $2.99
Teen Titans Go #21, $2.99

Nameless City Volume 2 The Stone Heart HC, $21.99 **Weekly Pick**

Jem And The Misfits #4 (Cover A M. Victoria Robado), $3.99
Real Science Adventures #1 (Of 6)(Cover A Scott Wegener), $3.99

Kid Savage Volume 1 TP, $14.99 **Weekly Pick**

Disney Darkwing Duck Comics Collection Volume 2 Tales Of The Duck Knight TP, $14.99

Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur #18, $3.99
Patsy Walker A.K.A. Hellcat #17, $3.99

Hardy Boys Adventures Volume 2 GN, $15.99
Thea Stilton Volume 7 A Song For The Thea Sisters HC, $9.99

Doctor Who The Ninth Doctor #12 (Cover A Cris Bolson), $3.99
Doctor Who The Twelfth Doctor Year 3 #2 (Cover A Claudia SG Iannicello), $3.99

Disney Manga Kilala Princess Volume 5 GN, $10.99

The Picks:

Nameless City 2Nameless City Volume 2 The Stone Heart HC – First Second brings us back to the Nameless City trilogy with the release of Book Two, which picks up where Book One ended. Chaos begins to break out all over the Nameless City as deep conflicts within the Dao nation make it impossible to resolve the dispute over the City itself politically. Kaidu further complicates things when he stumbles onto the formula for the lost weapon of the mysterious founders of the City. He must find a solution that will not betray his friendship with Rat, while keeping the Dao from going to war. It’s been a long time since the last volume, but this return to the world of the Nameless City is well worth the wait.

Kid Savage 1Kid Savage Volume 1 TP – Image Comics introduces a new series from the founder of Man of Action Entertainment Joe Kelly. While on their maiden voyage, the pioneering “First Family in Space” takes a catastrophic wrong turn and ends up crashing on a dangerous alien planet. With their 21st century technology useless in the harsh environment, their survival seems unlikely until they meet a strange ally, a mysterious orphan boy who’s short on temper but big on survival skills. Taking inspiration from stories such as Hanna-Barbera’s Herculoids, Kelly and British cartoonist ILYA have created a story with plenty of excitement and action.

Images © First Second and Image Comics respectively.

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